Cars have always induced an incredible level of interest in the way they work, the maker of the car, the specs. However, for all the information out there that is lapped up daily by millions of car enthusiasts, here are some curious facts about cars that will blow your mind!

There are over 1 Billion cars plying the roads across the globe today. That explains global warming.

The ‘pleasant’ smell of a new car is composed of more than 50 volatile organic compounds! Not so pleasant anymore, is it?

You can drive to the moon in less than 6 months at 95 mph. Now all we need is a road to the moon!

A basic car is made up of 30,000 parts. That explains why even the basic repair costs are so high!

Almost 75 percent of all the Rolls Royce cars ever made are still in use! The steep price tag suddenly makes sense, doesn't it?

On an average, people spend about 38 hours every year negotiating traffic! Sigh…

Ohio saw the first ever car accident in 1891! Talk about a quirky distinction!

The odds are one in 5000 of dying in a car crash. Makes one consider walking.

Driving around in a dirty car in Russia can get you in jail! God knows we could use that law here!

Los Angeles has more cars than people do. Maybe that explains why people take their cars out on a date in Los Angeles!