Currently, Apple Inc. is known all over the world for its gadgets and iOS platforms. However, the company is even secretly working on cars, and it has plans to come out with cars by 2020. In fact, it is pushing its team to begin the production and manufacturing of an electric vehicle. The project has some of the most aggressive goals, and the timeframe for developing a car is underscoring. This in turn can set a stage for touch competition against General motors and Tesla Motors, both of which are crucial automotive players in the market.
Both these players are targeting the launch an electric car by 2017 that can run for more than 200 miles on a single charge. They are also keeping the costs down. If Apple launches a similar car in the market, there are chances that it will win over the market because of some of the prominent features and advanced options.
Apple has made huge records of revenues due to which it has few avenues to spend the cash. The iPhone maker got the inspiration to enter into other avenues to further enter into the lives of people and continue earning record sales. The possibility of success of Apple in the automotive industry depends on wide varieties of crucial factors. However, if Apple takes a similar path it has taken to break into other industries, it will surely achieve a desired level of success. However, the representatives of Apple declined to comment on the story.