The last time Lotus had a new car was in 2009 when they introduced the Evora. This is understandable because, in the motor industry, it takes time to develop and bring new cars to the market.

However, Lotus is rolling up its sleeves and going all out promising to have two new sports cars and an SUV by 2021 -2022.

The GM Jean-Marc Gales confirmed that one of the new models would be a replacement for a current one which will most likely be the Exige or the Evora and the other one will be a limited edition that is going to be track-focused and will assume a place in the portfolio of the company.

One of the two models will be less expensive and will be built using the bonded aluminum chassis while the other model will be built using the new carbon-fiber chassis with the aim of making this one the new performance flagship model taking over the 3-Eleven.

In the past, Lotus has had a wave of changes in ownership which has seen most of its pursued models like the Elite, Esprit, and Elan models never making it to the production line. However, in 2017, Geely who is also the owner of Volvo bought a major stake at Lotus and is keen on making sure that the designs and the new cars make it to the production line and become a reality. 

With the news of the release, there also came news that the production of the 3-Eleven was being brought to an end. It is very likely that the new Elise could be one of the cars that will be coming in 2020 based on what the CEO has said in the past. Gales also said, "The two cars will be stunning and gorgeous in terms of design and aerodynamics."