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1979 CB400 Hawk T1

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There are two reasons we require you to at minimum fill out the location part of your bio (city and state):

1) we are real life community based. lots of our members like to know who is in their area trying to do the same things so you can trade parts, help out, and generally foster a real life community. The webernets are shit – the real community is what goes on in real life. Who knows there might be a guy down the street from you who is here.

2) it shows a willingness to be part of the community here.

Let’s see: calling me a dick, tellling the veterans what this site is about with only 5 posts, and generally being a disrespectful asshat when asked to fill out your bio – yeah so, who the fuck are you again? I don’t see this place working out for you. just saying.

Also, what is with this look bullshit. This isn’t a style of motorcycle it is a genre – know the difference? probably not. But let me school you to a little bit of what it is about . riding expirence. It doesn’t matter how cool the bike looks – at the end of the day if it doesn’t ride well then it is as much a piece of shit as it was before, maybe more so if your mods are bodge-y and awful.

Honda T1
Honda T1

Bottom line all the mods you do should be about improving the bike in some functional way: removing weight, improving brakes or suspension, making it faster, etc. cafe bikes are not defiend by their parts – they are defined by the whole and how it works.

So. by picked up you mean you fished that hawk out of a toilet where no matter how much someone tried to flush it just wouldn’t go down. Not only is it a hawk it is a DRUM brake hawk to boot. That is like having gonorrhea on top of your herpes. I owned one just like it except it was a metallic brown factory color, I got it for free, and I was happy to give it away for free because it was that good. And by good I mean awful.

The guy I gave it to was a Mennonite who had left the farm to actually live his life – to him any motorcycle was better than a horse that being his only frame of reference. He used it to learn to ride and I think even he moved on.

Jag – (not counting the cub which is the best selling motorcycle overall) I think the cb350 is the honda model with the largest production run of 300,000 motorcycles. next to that I think the cb400t/450T is up there. There are too many of them made for them to ever be worth anything. For one year in 2007 all my barn find leads were these bikes, nothing else, and that is a lot of leads to follow up for bikes you don’t want.

Honda T1

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