Suzuki GS 450 L

1982 Suzuki GS 650GL won’t start. I’ve purchased a 1982 Suzuki GS 650GL won’t start. I’ve purchased a new battery but that apparently was not the problem.

All I get when I push the starter button is a click from the starter solenoid. Any idea of what it could be?

1982 suzuki 550 L, has not run since 1991 garaged with 428 miles. getting fuel to carbs. changed oil, new battery. turns over but does not start, it tries and back fires. gas coming out of overflow tubes by filter also.Bike was put away correctly with all fluids drained and fuel ran out.

You will likely need to remove, disassemble, and soak the carburetors in carb cleaner.

Although drained of fluids, there’s almost always some left over gas and it turns to shellack over years, and will cause things like the float valves to stick.


bike turns over but wont start. i dont really know much about motor cycles, but this one sat for a while. i was told once the fuel drains out of the bowls it dies. i checked the peacock valve and it seemed fine. im gonna put the new one in anyway since it was already ordered when i bought the bike. id really like to get it running so i can sell it to make room in the stable. again, it turns over juswt fine, but wont actually crank.

The problem with a bike sitting around is that the inside of the tank rusts and the gas drys up leaving a very unwanted residue of varnish in the carbs. The repair is going to be a bit of a project and very frustrating.

Remove and drain the gas tank. Remove the old petcock. Clean the rust out inside of the tank as best you can. Install the new petcock AND install an inline fuel filter.

Next, remove the carbs and disassemble for cleaning. I would spring for carb rebuild kits but only if it looks like the carbs can be saved. Often, abused carbs just need to be trashed and replaced.

If you have never balanced and syncronised four carbs you are in for a very frustrating day. I am serious here keep a fire extinguisher handy.

It’s likely that the cost of fixing the bike will be more than the bike is worth, especially if you pay the dealer to do the repair. Your bike is 27 years old and most dealers will not work on anything more than 10 to 15 years old. Parts availability is a problem as well. Even if you get it running, what shape is the gearbox in?

Are any of the shift forks bent? Is the clutch operational? This bike is a total shot in the dark and a risky investment at best.

I hate to be the person to tell the bad news but I would hate it more to see you put money and time into lost cause. I have the tools and experiance to fix bikes I wouldn’t want to touch this one. Best wishes anyway.

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Suzuki wont start I have a 1982 Suzuki GS 550 L that will not start without the use of ether. After it starts I have to choke the air intake with my hand to keep it running even with the enrichers all the way on. Once it warms up it runs just fine except it has a tendancy to stall the engine when you give it full throttle going down the road. If the engine dies or I shut it off even when it is hot, it usually will not start back up until you give it a little ether.

Is it possible that the timing is off? How would I check and adjust the timing? Thank you for any assistance you can provide.

Suzuki GS 450 L
Suzuki GS 450 L
Suzuki GS 450 L
Suzuki GS 450 L
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