Honda VTX Performance Cruiser Concept
Honda VTX Performance Cruiser Concept

My new front wheel got here and so did my tires, so I spent a night polishing the front wheel. It turned out pretty good, so the next day I had my front tire mounted on my C wheel. Once I got it home, I started swapping. FYI: my 17 inch R wheel’s rotors un-bolted and bolted directly to the C wheel without modification, I put the loctite on and torqued them to spec.

Right after that, I mounted that new wheel and tire to the front of the bike. Suddenly some of my depression was starting to go away and I was starting to feel better about where this build might go.

So to summarize: I went from a 160×17 tire to a 130×18 tire, which gave me a taller wheel and lower tire profile. headed towards the more racey look I was going for.

Since I was replacing my back fender and going to have to figure out how and where to mount my rear turn signals, I decided to buy matching signals for the front and rear (another expense I wasn’t thinking about). I found some Arlen Ness signals that were larger bullet style that I really liked, so I ordered them from Phat Performance Parts which had some pretty good prices and a great selection of nice after market parts.

I had to figure out what I was going to do about brake lights. My inspiration bike had a brake light mounted underneath his rear fender, but I kind of thought that could be a problem and getting it to look real good would be an issue. I opted to buy the Kuryakyn Run/Turn/Brake light electronic gizmo that goes between the wiring harness and the rear lights.

This would enable me to use my rear signals for signals, running lights, and brake lights – plus it allows you to have a cool pulse when you first apply the brakes.

I also had to figure out how to mount my license plate (since that attachment was now gone). They make all kinds of vertical license plates, and I hated to spend the extra money – but I thought a $50 plate holder was going to look pretty lame with the other stuff I was doing so I tried to find deal on a nice one with a brake light. I found a Bikers Choice chrome billet that retailed for $250 on a forum and bought a brand new, never mounted one for $120 shipped. another great deal I couldn’t pass up.

Some guys made this sound like this was a two hour job. Maybe if you have done this kind of thing before or you don’t really care how things are going to look. I did a full mockup (including rear fender) and wired everything but it took several hours (most on getting things to mount right).

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