2008 kait velocity 49cc scooter 170 miles on it just bought it from a guy who had it sitting around for a while. I just put a new battery in it and everything else seems to be checking out ok it just won’t start. help.and the make and model I chose isn’t correct because mine wasn’t an option so I chose randomly.

how do you de-restrict a 125 skyliner 125cc,

It is similar to the Yamaha and Aprillia 125S.

If it has not got one fitted already, at the upper most front point of the cylinder head, there needs to be a valve fitted. This valve keeps a constant pressure on the exhaust gasses leaving the engine, two stroke engines require back pressure to enable the reed valves and the whole sytem to run as smooth as possible. The valve is controlled by the CPU or Engine Management Unit of your bike, which also has a built in restrictor between 2500 and 5500 revs.

Depending upon the CPU used there may be a way of removing the European Restriction at those revs.

mbk mach running problem mbk mach 03 reg. runs ok but when you go for a run on bike and come 2 stop at a junction it cuts out and fuel comes out of overflow pipe on car

cant get a spark from spark plug have changed every thing on ignition side of bike and still cant get a spark from plug

while driving heard a bang smoke from exhaust and water pouring out exhaust think it might have something tto do with radiater

I have a 92 suzuki katana 750 the right turn signal works but the left one does not and also will not idel right after the choke is off

1993 kawasaki ninja 600R (zx600-C6) When I turn the key I hear a buzzing/clicking noise. No lights turn on, on the speedometer cluster, or turn signals, or headlight. The previous owner told me he charged the battery, and used a multimeter but could find no problems. He believed it was the solenoid.

I am replacing the battery. If the lights still fail to come on, what should I check?

A (rapid) buzzing/clicking noise sound when trying to turn over an engine is caused by a weak or low voltage/amperage flow from the battery to the starter solenoid. There’s just enough voltage to get to the solenoid but not enough to spin the starter; so what you are hearing are the rapid pulses of the solenoids contacts opening and closing.

If you hear a ticking sound, this condition is caused when the starter connection plate has shorted and will not allow the electrical current flow to continue through to the starter motor itself; OR the starter brushes have failed and are not allowing the electrical current flow through to the starter armature.

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In order to start diagnosing the electrical system, you must have a fully charged battery (12.6Vdc) and one that can hold its charge.

CAUTION / WARNING: Whenever you are working on a battery, ALWAYS wear eye protection and gloves; and make sure there are no flammables (combustibles) nearby.

If the battery, when disconnected (removed) from the M/C’s chassis maintains and holds its charge, you know the battery is not the source of the problem. However, if after you hook up the wire leads to the battery and the power from the battery is discharged- you’ll need to find the source of what’s draining the battery. To measure current draw; make sure everything is turned OFF.

Hook-up your multimeter in series to the positive battery post and the positive lead wire; using the amperage scale on the meter, take a reading, it should be zero or an extremely low milli-amp reading.

In absence of any parasitic amperage draw you need to check the solenoid ground for any corrosion; as a matter of fact, check the entire battery harnesses for corrosion and loose connections.

You can also remove the starter and test the solenoid, starter motor, and over-ride clutch (Bendix arm), too.

If everything passes, then you will have to troubleshoot your motorcycle’s charging system. Hope this helps- keep me and this forum posted wit any updates; best wishes.

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