Aprilia Classic 50


Beauty without compromise. Scarabeo brings you unrivalled looks plus total functionality in the most advanced expression of two-wheeled urban mobility you can find, in perfect harmony with your needs and your sense of style.

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The new Scarabeo 50 and 100cc have arrived

The new 2007 Scarabeo 50 and 100 are already available at your area dealerships. With the classic insurmountable and iconic style that has conquered scooter riders of all ages since 1993 (its debut year), the Aprilia Scarabeo is a market leader in the 50cc as confirmed by data released this week by ANCMA.

Aprilia has updated its mythical 2-wheeler with extreme caution, allowing the Scarabeo to evolve without making any radical changes.

That is the philosophy that distinguishes the 2007 Model Year. Although it received important upgrades, it didn’t betray the philosophy behind its iconic status. The design is enriched by new stylistic elements with an optical group whose design and technology was renovated. The posterior light is completely redesigned with LED technology to increase rear visibility and carries superb safety implications.

The blinkers have adopted white glass with a glazed structure. The front light has also been changed and the steering wheel is improved. An elegant front fairing improves the aerodynamics of the 4-time.

In the perfect Scarabeo style, even the new instruments are completely redesigned and extremely thorough.

All versions of the 2007 Scarabeo (both in the 2 and 4T) share the same design. For the 4T Scarabeo, that means a true return to its origins with a more slanted posterior area, a new seat (in eco-friendly leather for the 100cc version), and a definitive look that is more in-line with the Scarabeo philosophy.

The new wheels are even more captivating with a design that improves performance thanks to the lightweight design and slight inertial direction. They are also equipped with a more generous rubber area, guaranteeing perfect stability.

The two-cylinder theme is unaltered in all three versions, the 50 Street, the 50 4T, and the 100 4T. The Scarabeo 50 Street, the leading seller in Italy, is the go-to version of the grand Scarabeo family. It is the youngest with a minimalist design and a brilliant 2T engine.

The Scarabeo 50 4T is ideal for urban movement in terms of safety and comfort while enjoying extremely economic consumption, boasting of optimal performances, and moving smoothly in traffic.

The 4T version is destined for those who want to increase performance. Compact like the 50, it offers a winning take-off at traffic lights and is capable of confronting any situation without problem (even outside the city) thanks to the brilliance of its 100 ccs. The scooter is in accordance with the Euro3 regulations.

What all versions have in common are extremely refined mechanics that, together with the unmistakable design, epitomize the Scarabeo’s success. The frame is reinforced with highly-resistant steel tubes for incredible manageability and an unwavering stability in addition to a tele-hydraulic front fork with an 82 mm diameter. Worthy of mentioning is the braking system that guarantees absolute safety in any type of situation.

The anterior 220 mm braking disc adopted a caliper with a double contrasting-piston (Æ 30 mm) while the posterior brake cylinder (with a large diameter of a solid 140 mm) allows for precise and modular braking.

Aprilia Classic 50
Aprilia Classic 50

The scooters are already available at Aprilia dealerships for a price of euro 1999 (taxes included) for the 50 Street, euro 2249 for the 50 4T, and euro 2449 for the 100cc. The 2007 Scarabeo is available in enjoyable and personal graphics: Rosa Make Up, Rosso Shine, Bianco Glam, Nero Aprilia, and Azzurro Opalescente. Available in the 50cc are, Blu Couture, Nero Moka, Rosso Shine, Grigio Piombo, and Verde Unique in the 100cc.

Aprilia Scarabeo 50/100

First choose your colour, then your engine

Scarabeo is a source of infinite pleasure. So start by choosing the colour that suits your personality, the colour you want for your very own Scarabeo.

Then choose the engine that best matches your needs. Rest assured that whichever one you choose, Scarabeo technology is always ecological and environmentally friendly. Choose the 50 Four Stroke if you want a silent running Scarabeo, and one that will keep on going for miles and miles on one tank, or choose the 100 Four Stroke if you want your Scarabeo to be just as light and agile as the 50, but with performance to spare.

The choice of colours is the same for both engine sizes.

Scarabeo gets bigger without growing! Lightweight and manoeuvrable, Scarabeo is the perfect combination of style and functionality. For example, Scarabeo’s large diameter, 16” five-spoke wheels are an unmistakable design feature and guarantee maximum stability and safety too.

Scarabeo’s comfortable, well protected riding position gives you total control, with a low seat to let you get your feet on the ground quickly and easily. Scarabeo 100 Four Stroke delivers a quality of ride you would normally only expect from a far more powerful motorcycle, with plenty of smooth, flexible power, but with the same compact dimensions as the 50. You can ride Scarabeo at 16 with an A1 licence, or at 18 with a car licence.

Scarabeo 100 is equipped as standard with a catalytic exhaust.

Aprilia Classic 50
Aprilia Classic 50
Aprilia Classic 50
Aprilia Classic 50

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