Honda Interceptor

2009 Honda Interceptor

Honda�s response to the demands of adrenaline and comfort takes the name Interceptor and concludes in simply the most versatile all around motorcycle powered by a racing-derived V-Four VTEC engine.

2009 Honda Interceptor/Interceptor ABS- Features Benefits

10/01/2008 – Torrance. Calif. –

The Interceptor® continues to serve as the epitome of sport touring motorcycles, one that carries an extra emphasis on sport. Its potent V-four VTEC engine and excellent handling make this the long-range bike of choice for those who hunt out twisty backroads.

Features Benefits

New for 2009

New Black color.

Unique Features

Revolutionary VTEC combines the power characteristics of both two- and four-valve cylinder-head designs. The engine runs on two valves per cylinder below 6400 rpm, then switches to four valves per cylinder to deliver significantly stronger low-end and mid-range torque while maintaining the Interceptor’s impressive high-rpm power delivery.

Unique Pro Arm® Rear Suspension (see Technology Section).

Pro-Link® Rear Suspension (see Technology Section).

Unique center-up exhaust system incorporates two stainless-steel mufflers tucked beneath the Interceptor’s tail section.

Large-diameter 43mm Honda Multi-Action System (HMAS) cartridge front fork provides enhanced handling under all riding conditions (see Technology Section).

Linked Braking System (LBS) (see Technology Section).

Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS) model available (see Technology Section).

Four brilliant multireflector headlights employ two centrally positioned H4 low/high beams positioned under two widely spaced H7 high beams for brilliant nighttime illumination.


Compact 781cc DOHC 90-degree V-4 with an oversquare bore and stroke of 72mm x 48mm.

Silent-type cam-chain drive eliminates mechanical gear noise. The system features a set of dual tensioners that maintain optimal pressure and lubrication for the camshaft chains, ensuring quiet operation and long life.

Programmed Fuel Injection (PGM-FI) (see Technology Section).

Iridium-tip spark plugs are ignited by compact high-energy coil-on-plug spark plug caps that produce a strong, high-voltage spark.

Interceptor engine serves as a stressed member of the pivotless frame, which features specially designed engine mounting bolts tuned to work in harmony with the damping characteristics of the frame.

Aluminum-composite cylinder sleeves are high-pressure-formed from sintered-aluminum powder impregnated with ceramic and graphite. The composite sleeves provide better wear resistance and superior heat dissipation than conventional sleeves.

Cast-aluminum pistons feature LUB-Coat solid lubricant to minimize friction between piston and cylinder wall.

Auto-enriching system is integrated into PGM-FI module, which optimizes the air/fuel mixture on cold starts and eliminates the need for a manual choke.

Solenoid-operated dual air-intake duct design keeps one duct closed during low-speed operation to ensure optimal control of air-intake velocity.

Dual side-mounted radiators maximize cooling efficiency using low-air-pressure areas created by side cowls to draw cooling air through the radiators. During low-speed operation, a thermostat-controlled left-side fan pulls cooling air across the radiator into the fairing to keep hot air away from the rider.

Rugged 125mm-diameter eight-plate clutch offers light weight and high load capacity.

Clutch features an offset outside friction plate for quiet operation when starting from a stop.

Exceptionally smooth-shifting six-speed transmission.

Three-phase coil-spring damper in the transmission provides for seamless upshifts.


Triple-box-section twin-spar aluminum frame features a tuned, pivotless design that isolates the engine-mounted swingarm from the frame and contributes to handling comfort.

Unique Pro Arm Rear Suspension (see Technology Section).

Pro-Link Rear Suspension (see Technology Section).

Linked Braking System (LBS) (see Technology Section).

Honda Interceptor

The Interceptor’s 296mm floating front-brake discs feature a lightweight seven-spoke inner rotor design.

U-section cast-aluminum wheels are light and reduce unsprung weight.

The six-spoke, 3.5-inch-wide front wheel carries a 120/70ZR-17 radial tire. The five-spoke, 5.5-inch rear wheel sports a wide, low-profile 180/55ZR-17 radial tire.

Additional Features

5.8-gallon fuel capacity for excellent sport-touring range.

The Interceptor’s sleek, aerodynamic bodywork is functional and beautiful.

Satin-finish treatment on muffler covers and exhaust heat shield for distinctive styling.

Stylish silver finish on clutch and brake master cylinders.

Clear turn-signal lenses front and rear provide a high-tech look.

Air flowing through the windscreen’s central air vent provides cool air to the rider at low speeds and increases rider comfort at higher speeds.

High-tech instrument display includes electronic tachometer and LCD readouts for speedometer, air temperature, coolant temperature, odometer, two tripmeters and clock.

ACG output of 497 watts.

Detachable seat provides storage for a U-lock and other necessities. (Lock not included.)

Removable passenger seat cowl.

Adjustable brake and clutch levers.

Injection-molded nylon passenger grabrails are comfortable to the touch in cold or hot weather.

Folding aerodynamic mirrors.

Transferable one-year, unlimited-mileage limited warranty; extended coverage available with a Honda Protection Plan.

Purchase of a new, previously unregistered Honda USA- certified unit by an individual retail user in the United States qualifies the owner for a one-year complimentary membership in the Honda Riders Club of America® (HRCA®). Visit for details.

Honda Interceptor
Honda Interceptor
Honda Interceptor

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