Husqvarna WR 125

2009 WR 125

2009 Husqvarna WR 125

The Husqvarna WR series is a lineup of off-roading bikes. The base MSRP for the WR off-road motorbikes typically ranges from $6,000 to $6,800. All three of the 2009 Husqvarna WR off-roading motorbikes come equipped with a 38 millimeter carburetor.

All of the engines in these motorbikes are liquid-cooled. The 2009 Husqvarna WR 300 and WR 250 are around 7.3 feet long, 33.1 inches wide, about 51.6 inches tall and has a ground clearance of around 13.6 inches.

The 2009 Husqvarna WR 125 is around 7.4 feet long, 33.1 inches wide, 51.2 inches high and has around 12.4 inches of ground clearance. The rear suspension and wheels for the 2009 WR series are made of aluminum and the frames are made from an aluminum/steel composite. All of three of these models come equipped with a vinyl seat that is designed to hold one rider, and foot pegs for the driver.

All three models in the 2009 Husqvarna WR series of off-roading motorbikes come equipped with a chain guard, fork guards, an exhaust guard and side covers. The center dash of the WR off-roading motorbikes feature a standard speedometer, digital instrumentation, a tachometer, a trip odometer, a standard service reminder, fuel level warning light, temperature warning light, and a standard clock. These Husqvarna off-roading motorbikes bikes also come equipped with adjustable handlebars.

Many riders say that the 2009 Husqvarna WR off-roading motorbikes offer great value that is worth the reasonable price tag. Riders often praise these off-road motorbikes for their durability and toughness. Some riders do complain that these off-roading motorcycles don’t have an electric start or a hydraulic clutch, and are displeased about the tedious maintenance repairs that these bikes sometimes require.

However, riders praise these off-roading motorbikes for their powerful engine performance, great handling, and strong reliability.

Several riders say they have been riding the 2009 Husqvarna off-road motorbikes for years without needing any significant mechanical repairs. Riders often praise these off-roading motorbikes for their superior handling and responsive low-end torque. Many riders love these motorbikes because they prove to be reliable over long-term periods.

New For 2009

The off-roading WR 125 and WR 250 motorbikes were upgraded by Husqvarna for 2009.

The Husqvarna WR 300 was a new release for 2009.

New color coding and graphics for 2009.

New exhaust system.

The digital display and headlight unit.

New V Force Three-Reed Valve and system and Mikuni Carburetor.

Husqvarna added the 300 cc engine to the series and a new 5 port cylinder in the WR 125 model.

The 2009 WR 125 received a new frame, a new tank, a new seat, and a new air filter.

The suspension for the 2009 Husqvarna WR series of motocross bikes was upgraded as well.

Husqvarna WR 125
Husqvarna WR 125
Husqvarna WR 125
Husqvarna WR 125
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