Husqvarna TXC 450

Rekluse Core EXP 3.0 Auto Clutch 08-10 Husqvarna TC/TE/TXC 450/510

Rekluse Core EXP 3.0 Auto Clutch 08-10 Husqvarna TC/TE/TXC 450/510


Husqvarna TC 450 (08-10)

Husqvarna TE 450 (08-10)

Husqvarna TXC 450 (08-10)

Husqvarna TC 510 (08-10)

Husqvarna TE 510 (08-10)

Husqvarna TXC 510 (08-10)


Rekluse has revolutionized motorcycle riding and racing through clutch technology. A Rekluse auto-clutch can make any level of rider better. A rider that is Rekluse equipped will ride faster with less fatigue and greater confidence.

Proven at the highest level of professional Supercross, Motocross, and Off-Road racing, Rekluse has racked up numerous magazine awards and racing championships, both nationally and worldwide.

When introduced in 2009, EXP technology revolutionized the auto-clutch market by incorporating sliding wedges into an expanding friction disk. Wedges provided increased clutch performance at low to mid RPMs over traditional ball-bearing auto-clutches. By incorporating two ball bearings stacked on top of each other within the wedge, the friction generated from sliding wedges is virtually eliminated in EXP 3.0.

The result is clutch engagement and disengagement response that is unparalleled by any previous auto-clutch. Throttle control is increased dramatically while maintaining increased clutch performance at low to mid RPMs. With the increased response, a wider array of tuning options become available while further reducing the possibility of “pop” stalls.

The performance advantages of the auto-clutch: Faster corners, lower lap times, and better starts. Plus it virtually eliminates stalling. Rekluse auto-clutches (Core EXP, EXP and z-Start Pro) make it easier to ride and easier to go fast.

Ride one today and experience what the Clutch rEvolution is all about.

Core EXP just got better – Now with EXP 3.0 Technology™ – Breakthrough in Response, Performance Tunability! Rekluse Core EXP – Core as in “Hard-Core,” is our award winning premier product. It is the #1 choice for performance minded riders that insist on perfect clutch lever feel that also demand the highest performance and durability available.

Faster Cornering

Improved Traction

Virtually Eliminates Stalling

Better Starts

Faster Lap Times

Fully Tunable to Rider Preference Terrain Conditions

Faster Corners

Faster Corners with Rekluse Core EXP Auto-Clutch Technology.

Automatic clutch modulation – The clutch automatically modulates the feed, or how quick the clutch locks out, so it is more consistent and precise than the human finger. The perfect throttle roll-on, with perfect clutch modulation, at the ideal time is possible corner after corner. The clutch modulation is fully adjustable to suit individual rider preferences and track conditions.

Anti-stall – Eliminates the worry of stalling the engine while cornering, especially in tight and slow corners. This frees up the rider’s attention to focus elsewhere, like on corner speed and encourages carrying a taller gear and more momentum through the corners.

Traction – The predictability and accuracy of the clutch engagement increases traction. The gnarlier the conditions, like hard packed dirt or slick mud, the more the advantage of finding traction. Easily proven with a rider suffering from “Whiskey Throttle” or poor throttle control, the rider quickly becomes noticeably smoother and in more control which translates into faster corners.

And for riders with excellent throttle control, it enhances their ability even further by allowing them to get on the power sooner and with more accuracy.

Higher gears – The ability to run taller gears improves corner entry and exit speed, especially in rough and choppy conditions. Using taller gears through the corners and ruts produces more momentum, smoother power delivery, and fewer errors.

Better Starts

Better and More Consistent Starts with Rekluse Core EXP Auto-Clutch Technology.

Traction –Whether you are starting on concrete or dirt, Rekluse Core EXP offers increased traction and consistency over your clutch finger. This adds up to less spinning, more hook-up, and a more powerful launch out of the gate.

Consistency – What if you could do your best start every time you lined up at the gate? Rekluse Core EXP gives riders of all abilities increased consistency, narrowing the gap between their best start and their worst start. It allows riders to achieve a noticeable consistency when it counts on race day.

Higher starting gear – Starting in second gear instead of first gear is an advantage if you can get out of the gate quick enough. It offers less chance of error hitting neutral in a quick shift under a high load over the starting gate. For those starting in second gear, going to third gear on certain bikes and conditions can be an advantage.

However, there are risks of starting in a higher gear like wheelying over backwards, stalling the engine, and getting out of the gate too slow. Rekluse Core EXP allows the rider a wide operating range reducing errors and increasing consistency to pull higher gears, turning a risk into a competitive advantage.

Quicker Lap Times

Quicker Lap Times with Rekluse Core EXP Auto-Clutch Technology.

Less Errors – The automatic modulation and accuracy equals fewer rider errors. The Rekluse Core EXP offers a wide margin of error to the rider meaning less blown corners, stalls, tip overs, mistakes, and less rider fatigue. Core EXP makes it easier to go fast and as the moto progresses the more performance advantage this becomes.

Technical sections – The ability to clear technical sections cleanly and consistently improves lap times. Rekluse Core EXP delivers increased traction and confidence to clear and clean the most technical and challenging sections lap after lap.

More consistency – The ability to increase corner speed and lap times are a benefit. The ease to repeat it corner after corner and lap after lap is an incomparable performance advantage.

Myth VS Fact

Myth: Can’t do a regular motocross start with an auto-clutch .

FACT . Rekluse Core EXP allows the rider to start exactly the same way they would with a stock clutch. With Rekluse Core EXP, you have the benefit of full manual clutch override. The clutch lever feels and functions just like your stock clutch lever and can be pulled in at full throttle on the starting line and manually modulated off the line..

Myth: Freewheeling into corners.

FACT . A properly set-up Rekluse Core EXP does not freewheel into the corners. Some riders, specifically at sand tracks, prefer to adjust their Rekluse Core EXP to free wheel into the corners like a 2-stroke. The Rekluse Core EXP is fully adjustable and the standard out of the box set-up is stock-like engine compression braking.

Myth: Auto-clutches are for beginners or those with low skill levels.

FACT . The Rekluse Core EXP auto-clutch has performance benefits that appeal to virtually every rider and racer. Rekluse Core EXP has competed in the highest level of professional motocross, Supercross and offroad racing world-wide.

Myth: You can’t bump start an Auto-clutch

FACT: This is true in the sense that you cannot bump-start a motorcycle equipped with a Rekluse Auto-Clutch like you would typically do with a manual clutch. However, Rekluse Auto-Clutches can be configured to bump-start the engine in the event your normal starting system fails. However, they can not be configured for bump-starting on the go like a standard clutch.

One must stop the motorcycle and make an adjustment (on some Rekluse models this requires tools) to bump start and then make another adjustment to continue riding once the engine fires. Bump-starting can be done to get you home.

Myth: You don’t shift gears with an Auto-Clutch it’s like an automatic transmission.

FACT . Rekluse Auto-Clutches automatically engage and disengage clutches not transmissions. One must shift the gears up and down just like in a motorcycle with a manual clutch. What is automatic, is the clutch feed and modulation to lock out (full engagement) and the disengagement (to prevent stalling). The rider doesn’t have to manually modulate the clutch lever as this is automatic.

However, all Rekluse Auto-Clutches have the manual clutch lever override feature allowing the rider the choice to use the clutch lever or not.

Feautres Benefits:

Feature: EXP 3.0 Technology™

Benefit: • Ball-wedges give unparalleled throttle control response.

• 7075 aluminum boosts durability

• ¼ turn pins for quick easy tuning

Feature: Fully adjustable includes optional light and heavy ball-wedges and EXP springs.

Benefit: Allows rider to achieve a matrix of truly custom settings to obtain great performance advantages.

Feature: High grade CNC machined billet, hard anodized aluminum clutch components.

Benefit: Handles extreme abuse and offers long lasting durability.

Feature: Center clutch designed with innovative fluid dynamic oil flow technology.

Benefit: Cooler operating temperatures for less fade and longer clutch and clutch plate life.

Feature: Proprietary pressure plate design with locating clutch spring pockets.

Benefit: Superior clutch lever feel and consistent engagement/disengagement action.

Feature: 17-7 stainless steel precision wound and heat treated pressure plate springs ensure that springs will not sack out from high heat cycles and extended use.

Benefit: Provides consistent clutch torque capacity eliminating clutch slip.

Feature: Includes Rekluse billet aluminum clutch cover with added oil volume.

Benefit: Offers greater impact protection and lower operating temperatures.

Feature: CNC laser cut drive plates perfectly match the center clutch with Rekluse Continuous Radius Spline Technology™ causing clutch loads to be evenly distributed over a greater surface area with more precise tolerances.

Benefit: Longer clutch component life, smoother engagement/disengagement, and less clutch hammering that virtually eliminates grooving with even the most aggressive riders.

Feature: Perfect clutch lever feel and action.

Benefit: Nothing to adjust to or adapt to the clutch lever works just like it always has.

Feature: Easy to install and easy to tune.

Benefit: Allows for quick trackside tuning to changing conditions and for testing.

Will an auto clutch wear my parts faster?

What maintenance is required?

Periodic check of your Installed Gap is necessary with your Rekluse clutch. This is a simple process that differs by model, but does not take more than 10 minutes with any Rekluse Clutch.

What is an installed gap?

Installed gap on z-Start Pro Clutches is the measurement between the pressure plate and the top friction plate. This can be measured with the provided no-go gauges placed 180° (directly across from each other). One gauge should slide in easily the second gauge should not slide in. Don’t not use excessive pressure when inserting the no go gauges.

This can also be checked with two feeler gauges used in the same manner as the no-go gauges. The measurement needs to be 0.030- 0.045 inch. (.0762mm – 1.143mm)

How much weight does it add?

Depending on the model, between 4 ounces and 12 ounces. Because clutch components spin much slower than the flywheel, there is little or no flywheel effect created with a Rekluse clutch.

What oil do you recommend?

Let’s start with oils we do not recommend. Any oil formulated for automotive use is not recommended and in general, should not be used in motorcycle applications. This includes conventional and synthetic oils formulated for automotive use. Modern automotive oils do not contain the anti-wear additives necessary for proper lubrication in a motorcycle engine and may contain high quantities of friction modifiers that can cause excessive clutch slip.

That said, in most cases the oil you use should work fine in all Rekluse clutches However, some riders may find they experience clutch squeal, clutch chatter or have problems with clutch slip. If you experience these problems, we recommend trying Shell Rotella T, a heavy-duty, conventional diesel engine oil.

At Rekluse, we have found Shell Rotella T (15W-40) provides excellent clutch performance and often eliminates customer complaints of clutch problems. Why do we recommend conventional diesel engine oil over synthetic? In general, we have found conventional oils perform slightly better at reducing clutch noise vs synthetic oils.

However, many Rekluse customers get excellent performance with synthetic oils.

The bottom line: If your current oil is working fine, keep using it. If you’re hearing some clutch noise or your clutch feels soft or slips, give the Shell Rotella T a try.

See for yourself. Ride with one of our Rekluse auto-clutches in your bike, on your terrain, in the conditions that you are familiar with, and if after riding you do not agree that it has significantly improved your riding performance and fun factor we will refund your full purchase price upon return of our product within the first 30 days of purchase. Products that qualify are: Rekluse Core EXP, EXP and z-Start Pro. Purchase price refund will be issued upon receipt of the product.

Please call Rekluse at 1.866.735.5873 for return instructions.

Warranty . Rekluse provides a 1-year warranty from date of shipment for materials and workmanship when the Rekluse product is installed per Rekluse instructions into a stock bike set-up. Rekluse will repair, replace, or pro-rate a refund for any product found to be defective in materials or workmanship at its sole discretion within the 1-year warranty. Rekluse is not liable for personal property loss, parts loss or damage by use or misuse of any product Rekluse sells or manufactures.

Any attempted repairs or modifications made to Rekluse products will void any and all warranties.

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