2010 T 750

2010 Ural T 750

The 2010 Ural T is a touring-style motorcycle equipped with a functional, affordable sidecar reminiscent of the 1930s era of wartime motorcycling. The newly designed three-wheeled machine rolling out of the company’s Irbit-based factory in Russia promises a distinct combination of high ergonomics, style, and great adventure to its riders. The model is an instant ready-to-go variant and is a perfect option for leisurely strolls across the countryside.

Though the Ural T is designed for off-road navigation, it is even capable of highway speeds and keeping up with traffic. In fact, for many, riding the Ural T is an adventure, even more so as compared to other two-wheelers. Additionally, the vehicle also offers a great canvas to further customize in accordance with one’s personal preferences.

Riders can select from a wide range of accessories to create a truly unique sidecar motorcycle.

Riding the 2010 Ural T offers a direct link to the past when the Soviet engineers designed the first Ural model for facilitating the Red Army mobilization during World War II. Based on the 1930s BMW R71 motorcycle, the Ural models were designed by the process of reverse engineering. Soon after, the decision was made to enter mass production and a factory was set up for the process in Moscow.

However, in the Post-Communist era, the business started to dissolve like most other Soviet enterprises at the time. It was during this time that the company started to shift its sales strategy overseas to lure those who prefer utility to thrills. Thus, Ural started focusing more on the civilian market to include outdoor enthusiasts and hunters.

The new Ural T is equipped with a horizontally-opposed, air-cooled, four-stroke, flat twin cylinder engine with a recommended max cruising speed of 105 km/hour. The engine delivers a maximum output of 40 hp at 5600 RPM and 38 lb-ft of torque at 4600 rpm. Displacement is around 749 cc and the bike has a total tank capacity of five gallons.

Due to the Brembo full floating disc on the front and the Sachs Hydraulic spring shock absorbers rear suspension system, riders can also stop the vehicle with ease. The 2010 T has a dry weight of 705 pounds and 4.9 inches of ground clearance.

The Ural T is available in either Flat Black or Olive Drab and has a military-looking design layout. The powder-coated finish of the vehicle ensures that the color stays for a longer duration. Ergonomically, the model is designed in a way to offer a comfortable ride.

The vehicle has an overall dimension of 101.6 inches long x 66.9 inches wide x 43.3 inches high and a seat height of 32 inches. Indeed, if one is looking for a touring sidecar motorcycle with high performance or functionality then the 2010 Ural T is definitely the vehicle of choice for the purpose.

Ural T
Ural T
Ural T
Ural T
Ural T
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