Aprilia Dorsoduro 750 Sport Bike

2012 Aprilia Dorsoduro 750

2012 Aprilia Dorsoduro 750 – Developed in collaboration with Aprilia Racing Division, Dorsoduro 750 is created by merging the best features of a sport bike with the best super-motorcycle racing has to offer. The result is the concentrated essence of performance and technology, a very special bike, extreme and elite that can make any driver feel like a pro.

Light, agile and powerful Dorsoduro 750 is powered by a new generation and the benefits of advanced technology in its class. Through the use of the motor state of the art electronic management, Aprilia compact 90 ° V-twin delivers performance unmatched by any blistering of his rivals, with a specific output of 122.6 hp incredible torque / liter a maximum of 82 Nm at only 4500 rpm.

True to the Aprilia tradition, the chassis architecture is unprecedented in its class. After the network acclaimed debut frame or aluminum mixing in highly specialized SXV, application of the provisions of Dorsoduro, provides one of the characteristics of the Aprilia riders, offering levels of agility, responsiveness and address address accuracy beyond the reach of any rival.

The Aprilia Dorsoduro has been designed primarily benefits only the best in terms of components used, technical specifications and finishes. Four-piston radial calipers, wave discs, a hydraulic wet clutch, before the suspension is adjustable and the rear “Tri-Map” walk through the wire and the Matrix panel with trip computer help the Dorsoduro a product truly unique.

2012 Aprilia Dorsoduro 750 Model Highlights

A UNIQUE motorcycle unique experience developed by Aprilia Racing, with a corridor full enjoyment SPIRIT OFFER goal. 92 HORSEPOWER AND EXCLUSIVE TRAVEL MAP technology leadership managing a small motorcycle, high performance created to complement skills even more daring of the Cavaliers and is also available with ABS.

The unique features of the Aprilia Dorsoduro 750 in detail

90 ° V2 engine with four valves, dual overhead cams and liquid cooling;

The second generation “Tri-Map” Walk on the cable technology;

Electronic fuel injection nozzles in the state of art;

Mixed gear / chain;

ULM Modular trellis / aluminum frame with a superb torsional rigidity;

Aluminum swingarm side cushion -;

Fully adjustable upside down fork 43 mm;

Radial front brake calipers work with 320 mm wave discs;

The 25 kW version for newly qualified pilots;

The next generation of 2-channel Continental ABS;


The Aprilia Dorsoduro 750, the minimum frame and aggressive style mechanical structure dramatically higher and become an integral part of design. The Aprilia Dorsoduro 750 is designed around the driver to create a radical bike, shockingly agile and athletic, in which each individual element is directed specifically for maximum driving pleasure. All foreign bodies has been reduced to an absolute minimum in the open like a road bike, that is not essential for the performance was stripped, while the panel before the race number was chosen to highlight the close links the bike with the world of the race.

The narrow section of the half bike – the surface that interacts more with the body movements of the rider to ride hard – highlights the extreme compactness of the bike. Aprilia Dorsoduro 750 is incredibly slim and agile, enabling the pilot to feel immediately at one with the machine. After a few meters short, it already feels as if the bike is an extension of your body.

This was achieved by the Aprilia engineers in the design of a long flat seat – the configuration taken directly from the race – which allows the driver to take the most efficient riding position at all times and allows great freedom of movement to fight bends.

The compact rear fascia also surrounds the exhaust pipe of double coil: a solution that not only creates a very aggressive design environment, but also excellent in the proportions and symmetry of weight distribution. The hand guards from the SXV Supermoto, show elegant and effective protection against accidental contact levers.


Aprilia 750 cc 90 ° V-twin has been extensively revised to highlight the fiery temperament of Dorsoduro. This optimization exercise has covered many aspects of the 749.9 cc (bore and stroke of 92 and 56.4 mm respectively), and the resulting improvements in the mechanics and electronics to make a double milestone not only for their displacement, but also its biggest engine rivals.

The advanced electronic engine management establishes the Aprilia Dorsoduro 750 as a benchmark in terms of technology and performance. Dorsoduro has an electronic throttle control of second generation with the “Tri-Map” management.

Directly selectable by the pilot of a handlebar-mounted control, even with the bike moving (but with a closed throttle – for added security), the three options: Sport, Touring and Rain – radically alter the character of the Dorsoduro with the immediate and aggressive response in sport mode, the power supply smoothly Touring, which is ideal for everyday use, and reliable power delivery, adapted to conditions of low grip, the way of rain.

The “Tri-Map” walk on the wire electronic throttle also ensures smoother, more uniform power delivery to the throttle opening is controlled more precisely. Throttle opening is determined on the basis of a number of parameters including engine speed, the selected speed, air flow, the opening angle of the throttle grip and opening rate, and temperature.

Whatever the selected map, the distribution of engine torque is optimized for better performance during acceleration and gathering, resulting in an extremely rewarding experience and driving pleasure. The exhaust is stainless steel, with collectors converge on a single undersaddle quiet with twin tailpipes. The generous volume of the silencer allows the engine to breathe freely for optimum performance.

 The advanced electronic technology and engineering used to allow the Aprilia twin-cylinder pump of 92 hp at 8,750 rpm and maximum torque of 82 Nm at 4500 rpm: the values ​​that make the Dorsoduro in direct competition with a capacity bikes much greater.

Once you reach showrooms, the Aprilia Dorsoduro 750 is also available for newly qualified pilots set, with limited power to 25 kW (35 kW or Spain). Mounting the throttle wire management means that no power has to be cut in the speed range, as is the case with at least bicycles developed, so that power delivery is exactly the same as c is the version of maximum power to maximum power limit is reached. Consequently, the Dorsoduro 750 offers better acceleration than the equivalent 25-kilowatt version of its rivals, for a driving experience much more rewarding.

Aprilia motorcycles have always been considered the benchmark for excellence of the chassis. And true to tradition, the Dorsoduro 750 is one of the most efficient, best balanced bikes in its class. The Aprilia Dorsoduro is easy and intuitive to use, but still offers great performance.

This machine is designed to be mounted on the ceiling in all conditions, allowing the pilot to turn on a dime and blast out of corners with the throttle. This is possible thanks to the incredibly responsive chassis architecture, which was designed with an emphasis on ergonomics, allowing the Dorsoduro 750 and fit perfectly into any corridor and allow all users access the extreme possibility of the pure pleasure machine in any situation.

The chassis works Aprilia’s experience in competition significantly, relying entirely on the experience of composite structures used in the Supermoto World Championship. The narrow upper section of the tubular steel mesh is attached to the side plates generously dimensioned aluminum special high-strength bolts. The result is a highly rigid, lightweight structure and the best possible solution to harness the power of the Aprilia V90 exuberant, his eyes light transmitting ultra-advanced technology and Italian style.

The ongoing collaboration between engineers and chassis engineers propulsion system produces optimal solutions in terms of technical content and performance, and led to the mechanics that fit perfectly into the frame. The chosen architecture for twice the Aprilia, which is optimized for longitudinal compaction, has created a rational and efficient built as a result, a bike that is incredibly agile and responsive.

The lateral and substantially inclined to the shock released much valuable space for the exhaust manifold geometry optimized without affecting the duration of the bicycle or electric shock when exposed to heat stress. The aluminum swingarm is dimensioned to withstand the stress caused by asymmetric lateral positioning of the damper. This component is designed specifically for the needs of a super rider as the Dorsoduro 750 and ideally meets requirements of torsional rigidity and elasticity, which are essential for accurate placement of the wheels and to provide communication in transient conditions.


Defining the optimal configuration of the suspension has always been a source of pride for the engineers and the Aprilia test team. The 43 mm inverted fork with cast iron shell radial calipers support has adjustable spring preload and hydraulic rebound damping. This is a highly sophisticated unit offering first-class, progressive and generous wheel travel (160 mm), according to the philosophy of the biker genre.

The two cylinder heads are forged elements of leadership, while the upper yoke is also anodised, confirming the excellent finish in the Dorsoduro.

The side shock absorber is built directly on the swingarm in a cantilever arrangement, and features adjustable spring preload and hydraulic rebound damping Wheel travel is 160 mm rear – which is also in harmony with the philosophy that the motorcyclist, requiring the suspension is effective and controlled, but also provides wheel travel enough.

BRAKES: Racing Technology

The Aprilia Dorsoduro 750 has the best braking technology available today. The front brake system with radial piston 4 clips, is the most advanced of its kind in its segment. 320 mm wave disc of light floating in the shortest time so while their extreme looks that are in perfect harmony with the general style of the Dorsoduro, visually express the aggressive power of the braking system.

The 240 mm rear disc is the “wave” type and is braked by a single piston caliper. Both the front and rear brake tubes are twisted metal, the aviation industry, which eliminate unwanted pressure fluctuations of conventional lines and ensure maximum braking precision. In the Dorsoduro 750, the security is enhanced by a sophisticated 2-channel Continental ABS.

The ABS system is specifically calibrated to allow the pilot to maximize the power brakes and traction on dry tires, so as not to interfere with the fun of this great bike.

Supermotard is essential, by definition – even austere. But that does not mean sacrificing the class content and attention to detail. Aprilia stands apart from its rivals by offering superlative standard equipment:

The Matrix instrument panel: the mixed type (analog / digital), which receives all information from the CAN line and becomes an integral and essential part of self-diagnosis, as it is equipped with a memory. Particularly compact, modern design and low weight significantly. All functions can be selected and easily accessible through a command on the handlebars.

LED illumination (white in the analog and a digital red) can be set at three levels.

Anodized aluminum tapered handlebars: It leads naturally to mind Superbike competition. An incredibly light component, designed to ensure greater dynamic control of the bike.

Clutch Hydraulic Control: Allows precise braking every time, with the copy command stylish and practical self-adjustment (without maintenance).

2012 Aprilia Dorsoduro 750 – international technical specifications and technical details


Aprilia V90 four-stroke longitudinal 90 ° V-twin engine, liquid cooled heads, dual overhead camshafts driven by gears mixed / chain system, four valves per cylinder and the walk along the wire throttle.

Unleaded fuel

Aprilia Dorsoduro 750 Sport Bike

Bore and stroke 92 mm x 56.4

Total displacement 749.9 cc

Compression ratio of 11: 1

Maximum power at crankshaft 67.3 kw (92 hp) at 8750 rpm

Maximum torque at crankshaft 8.4 kgm (82 Nm) at 4,500 rpm

Integrated fuel management system of the engine. The walk through the injection valve opening throttle cable and the management of three letters (Sport, Touring, rain)

Digital electronic ignition ignition integrated with the fuel injection system

Electric Start

Escape 2 into 1 exhaust system in stainless steel to 100% with a three-way catalytic converter and lambda probe

Alternator 450 W at 6000 rpm

The wet sump lubrication

6-speed gearbox, the transmission ratio:

First 14/36 (2.57) 2 ° 17/32 (1.88) 3 ° 20/30 (1.5) 4 ° 22/28 (1.27) 5 ° 23/26 (1.13) 6 24/25 (1.04)

Clutch wet multi-plate clutch with hydraulic actuation

The primary unit of straight cut gears, transmission ratio: 38/71 (1.87)

Secondary chain drive. Transmission ratio: 16/46


Tubular steel modular frame attached to the side plates of aluminum using high strength bolts. Removable rear subframe

Front Suspension 43 mm inverted fork bar, adjustable rebound and spring preload hydraulic. 160 mm travel.

Swing arm rear suspension of aluminum alloy

Hydraulic shock absorber with adjustable preload and rebound. 160 mm travel.


Front: Dual 320 mm in diameter. Stainless steel discs floating wave. Radial four-piston calipers.

The metal coating brake pipe.

Rear: 240 mm stainless steel disc wave. Single piston. The metal coating brake pipe.

Two-channel Continental ABS system (specific version)

Aluminum alloy wheels

Front: 3.50 x 17 “Rear: 6.00 x 17″

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