Suzuki Boulevard C50T

2013 Boulevard C50T

2013 Suzuki Boulevard C50T


Originally introduced in 2005, the Suzuki Boulevard set the stage for the entire line of Suzuki cruiser-style motorcycles that have followed. Since its debut, this base model has spun off no less than seven alternative Boulevard models inclusive of limited and special editions, establishing a solid reputation for a motorcycle with no-nonsense engineering and rock-solid reliability.

Precious few other motorcycles have spawned as many submodels as the Boulevard has and the Boulevard is truly the workhorse cruiser in the Suzuki stable. The base 2013 Suzuki Boulevard continues the tradition with loads of classic cruiser attitude.

For many riders, cruisers are attractive for their comfort, stability, and style. Their low seat height, predictable handling, and unique design make them popular with riders of all abilities and levels of experience. Many cruiser riders are attracted to the rough-and-tumble image that this type of motorcycle projects and classic cruiser touches like top-shelf paint jobs, long, low exhaust pipes, and plenty of chrome call to the customizer and the beginner alike.

As a production cruiser with a long history, The Boulevard’s engine deserves mention as it stands out in a class dominated by V-twins; it is an air-cooled 39.8 cubic inch single cylinder. The reliability and easy maintenance of singles is legendary, and Suzuki’s decision to continue to offer the base Boulevard model in this simple configuration is a testament to the staying power of this design. Along with from the base model’s single cylinder, the entire Boulevard line offers engines in 49.1, 89.2, and 108.8 cubic inch V-twins, as well.

For all the Boulevard models, cruiser comfort is delivered in spades. Relaxed cockpits and wide, comfortable seats give both driver and passenger plenty of room to stretch out, and front and rear footpegs are standard. Soaking up the bumps on the base Boulevard model are front telescoping forks with 5.5 inches of travel and a rear, twin-sided swing arm supported by a shock with 4.1 inches of travel.

Stopping is handled by a single hydraulic disc brake up front, and a drum brake in the rear.

The Boulevard’s classic looks are supported by simple instrumentation, as well. The standard speedometer is flush-mounted on top of the teardrop-shaped gas tank and the flat bars and semi-custom rear-view mirrors keep the controls clean. Rounding out the look, a thin, 19-inch-spoked front wheel paired with a wider 15-inch-spoked rear wheel are noticeably different than the legions of mag-wheeled cruisers and evoke the true cruiser mystique.

The 2013 Suzuki Boulevard is a version of a classic that has withstood the test of time and still stands strong. Riders looking for a traditionally-styled cruiser that promises to provide years of trouble-free riding while still remaining timeless do not need to look any further.

New For 2013

Available in Metallic Fox orange with Glass Sparkle black or Pearl Mirage white with Metallic Veil silver.

Strong low-end power and torque are produced by the combination of the substantial crankshaft and the single-cylinder, air-cooled, four-stroke engine with Suzuki’s Twin Swirl Combustion Chamber (TSCC) cylinder head.

Traditionally-styled cockpit is clean and sporty. Enhanced by modern flat handlebars and custom-style rear view mirrors.

Rear reflector is integrated with the taillight for a streamlined rear view.

Suzuki Boulevard C50T
Suzuki Boulevard C50T
Suzuki Boulevard C50T

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