The international Cagiva Elefant Club is primarily a reference point from which, you can access all the various and very different, areas of Cagiva Elefant ownership. Whether you have a totally standard or a highly modified machine, this website will enable you, to tap into different areas of what to expect and how to get round a specific problem.

We have owners, who compete on regular basis, using their Elefants in timed trials, cross country or enduro, some even host their own Rallye events.

We have Rallye prepared machines from an 1987 ex-Factory Lucky Explorer prototype through to the CH Racing Azzalin’s customer and SP versions.

We have the weekend enjoyment owners and we even have the long distance “How many miles can we do in day?” owners where 1000kms is not unusual.

We have contributors from all over Europe, America and the land down-under.

With models ranging from the Cagiva Elefant 350, 650, 750 and 900, we also have owners of highly modified machines; the latest generation 1000cc 1100cc single and twin spark engines, the ST2 944cc water cooled engines and some ….oh lordy….4 valve 888, 916, 955, 996 engines…dear, oh, dear!

Most of the people using this website will be well aware of the EAB list which is an online forum. As well as the English speaking EAB forum there are the German speaking, Italian speaking and the Dutch speaking forums.

If you go to the LINK pages on this site you can access information on joining a specific forum best suited for you. But even if you don’t there are enough talented people on the forums who will hopefully be able to answer your questions in your language.

Cagiva Elefant 350

This website operates on a voluntary basis – the general administration, hosting, maintaining, updating and issuing of email accounts are all covered by the 10 Euros per annum, membership charge. In addition the site offers a free for full members, download facility for the workshop manuals for the most popular models.

Additional Resources

In addition, this site can offer an aging letter and valuable information regarding the origin of your frame and engine. Via this site you can draw down all the documentation required, which will assist you in importation and final registering you Cagiva Elefant for the road.

It is also, the intention of the membership to offer member discounts via agreements on selected Motorcycle Insurance Companies which specialise in agreed value* policies and the option to purchase back your damaged vehicle if necessary.

Over a period of time, we hope to build working relationships, with suppliers who will add value to CEC membership.

Cagiva Elefant 350
Cagiva Elefant 350
Cagiva Elefant 350
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