AJS Model 14 250

AJS 250

Thursday the 5th of August 2013, I picked up, with the aid of Trigger this 1967 AJS 250 CSR. My Father used to restore AJS and Matchless Motor Cycles when he was alive, I have always wanted to do one my self in his memory, but didn’t think I would have the skills to carry this out. After working on Trigger I have gained confidence to tackle this.

The bike arrives home.

Friday 6th September 2013.

Today I removed the flaking paint off the chain guard then sanded it down and gave it a coat of Etch primmer, the side panels are in reasonable condition, they just need some attention to the inside bottoms so I sanded the rust down and gave them a coat of Krust I also did the same thing to the mounting bracket.

Battery side panel

After a coat of Etch primmer.

09 September 2013.

Rubbed down the etch primmer and gave them three coats of gloss black paint. I have found out that the chain guard should have been chrome, that will be a job for latter.

11 September 2013.

The battery strap and air lifter cable that I ordered from the jampot spares arrived yesterday but I was at work so today I fitted the battery using the new strap then it was onto the air lifter cable, which was not long enough so I had to move the lever lower down the handle bars, Fitted the sprayed tin ware and chain guard, adjusted the chain, changed the gearbox and engine oil, I was not sure which bolt was for the gear box drain so a quick post one the AJS website and I got the answer (see pic below with the red arrow) then took it for its maiden ride to the pre booked MOT, I’m happy to say it past, rode it home, on the way home to started to splutter on full throttle, I suspect a blocked main jet as on part throttle it rode well. Once tucked up in the garage I went to the post office to collect  the road tax. Time I cleaned my self up it was too dark to do any thing about the carb so that will be a job for tomorrow.

gearbox drain plug

12 September 2013.

I took the carb apart and to be honest it was very clean, no blocked jets. So I decided to take a different approach and took a look at the electrics. It soon came apparent that all was not right, the  wiring is a bit of a mess, connecter blocks and taped up joints.

When I removed the points cover and took a look at them there was a bit of rust on them, when i run the engine up to speed I could clearly see  the spark jumping all over the place, i gave them a bit of a clean up it improved a little bit. Then it was time to get the part number book out but I just could not find what i was looking for so i quick call to The AJS spares shop and I was given the part numbers I required. Points S3908 and condenser S1231.

  These were then ordered. Then the epic search for my feeler gauges was started. The problem i have is, at the end of the garden I have 22 by 12 foot shed filled up with junk. i have a metal bike shed and a lock up garage not attached to the house but on another road close by so they could be any where.

13 September 2013.

Has the parts had not arrived I decided to have a clean up, still can’t find the gauge.

14 September 2013.

Found the feeler gauges, they were in thee pocket of my overalls.  Today the points turned up so I fitted them. I managed to drop the screw that holds the capacitor down into the casing so I had to remove this to get it back.

To remove it I had to take off the gear lever, kick start and the foot rest. For some reason there was water in there, re-soldered the wire to the coil and all is well, I went for a little ride and ended up at the Ace Cafe and a rockers reunion was taking place so it the little AJS fitted in well.

18 September 2013.

Finally sorted out the massive oil leak, What you have to understand is the two drain plugs are on the bottom of the engine and the engine sits inside the frame channel, so you can not see if the plug is in correct. What had happened is the PO owner had changed the oil and used a new fibre washer but left part of the old one still attached to the engine. I resorted to taking the mirror of my Land Rover and looking up into the engine. Then the fun started trying to get a washer.

I tried the local car spares places but no luck. I went to midnight motors over in Watford and managed to get a copper  crush washer, this as sorted out the leak. Still have to look into why it won’t pull full throttle but is very happy on half throttle, I think it is fuel starvation. 

24 September 2013.

Took the oil filter out and gave it a clean. Removed the front wheel to check the condition of the brake shoes and give the hub a clean out.

AJS Model 14 250

Front brake drum and shoes

Oil filter.

01 October 2013.

I fitted the new Amp meter that I purchased from the AJS owners club spares scheme.

17 October 2013.

I went out for a long ride as the weather was nice, but I still have the problem with full throttle the engine dies but if i push down on the tickle button it runs fine. So I got it home and took the main jet out to see if it was blocked but all was fine I then checked the filter on top of the carb and that was clean. I took the side cover of the carb and inside it was very dirty I gave it a good clean and put it back together if the weather holds out tomorrow, i will give it a run to see if this cures the problem.

18 October 2013.

Well the bike can now pull full throttle. looks like cleaning out the carb done the trick.

New carb side cover gasket.

I have managed to do 239 miles on the bike so far.

Start mileage. And mileage to date,

Took the silencer off to paint the exhaust hanger. Made a start on sorting out the wiring. Then just for the fun of it went for a ride.

31 October 2013.

Re fitted the silencer after giving it a good clean, Then finished off the head light wiring, the pilot light bulb had fallen out of the holder into the head light bowel, removed this and discovered more badly soldered joints, The pilot light bulb holder was rotten but I found an old land rover holder that fitted perfectly so this was fitted. All lights now working. Then went for another long ride.

AJS Model 14 250
AJS Model 14 250
AJS Model 14 250
AJS Model 14 250
AJS Model 14 250
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