Time to take the new SR MT 50 out for a run. The combination of a full size chassis and 14 inch wheels mean the SR MT 50 will never feel underdone.

Aprilia SR MT 50

Riding a 50 is fun. Lightweight, zippy performance (as a 2 stroke) and fast cornering speeds make for a ton of cheap thrills. Aprilia recently released its latest 50 cc update, the SR MT 50.

Having recently just handed back the 125 version. it was time to make way for the 50 cc version.

A few Australian states still have licensing laws that keep the 50 cc category relevant. Being able to ride one on a car licence means that buying a 50 is generally a hassle free decision. It’s no wonder that in markets like Queensland and Western Australia, 50 cc scooter sales continue to flourish.

Aprilia’s rich racing history has forever been an influencing factor over the model range. We see it in scooters like the Le Minz winning SR 50 R and we see it again reflected here in the new SR MT. Race graphics, big Aprilia logos, colourful seat panels, Aprilia know how to make a scooter look good and the SR MT does play the part.

The SR MT is a large bodied 50, it shares all the same chassis components and running gear as the 125 cc version. Seating position just happens to be the same and for a 50 cc scooter, the SR MT shows purpose and feels substantial.

Wheel size is large for the capacity, 14 inch both front and rear. Rear suspension is by adjustable monoshock. The front forks are the same size as the 125, providing 86 mm of travel.

The SR MT 50 does benefit from all of this parts sharing.

The SR MT features a flat floor and a large underseat storage area that’s enough to fit most full face helmets – or most helmets of a reasonable size. The SR MT also comes with a handy bag hook so you can utilise the space between legshield and seat.

The SR MT uses an air cooled version of Piaggio’s HY-PER2 engine. A reliable unit that’s shared across most of the Piaggio 50 cc family. To have it performing at its best you’ll need to remove the two hands that come firmly planted around the throat.

Meaning that in standard out of the crate restricted form, the SR MT will reach a top speed of 50 km/h at best. By performing a little chop on the exhaust and removing the variator restriction you’ll open up a whole new world of performance.**

In unrestricted form the SR MT will easily head into 70 km/h territory. Still not mind-blowing, but sufficient for most suburban applications. The SR MT will buzz along with traffic and like all 50 cc scooters you’ll need a good dose of speed to make it up steeper hills.

With the restriction removed the SR MT becomes a pretty good suburb to suburb commuting option.

The SR MT is best suited to those small commutes, though it does have some credentials to expand the horizon if needed. Firstly, the 7 litre fuel tank is bigger than most, and second, the larger 14 inch wheels will help the SR MT deal better with standard road irregularities. For those that want to take it one step further, the SR’s HY-PER2 engines lend themselves well to simple modifications like pipes and variator mods.

The SR MT 50 weighs in at 102 kg’s which is around 5-10 kilos over some of the cheaper 50 cc offerings on the market. What this means is that Aprilia’s SR can take advantage of those larger wheels. The full-size chassis proving that it comes with a heap of standard dynamic ability, it feels substantial. Toss the SR MT 50 into corners and capitalise on its stable change of direction. Soon enough you’ll be running through corners without a hint of touching the brakes.

Aprilia SR 50

Like I said, riding a 50 can be fun.

If you do need brakes, again the same brakes as seen on the SR MT 125. Easily sufficient given the 15kg weight differential. The front brakes use the same 220 mm disc, the rear is by drum.

Wheels are the same multi-spoke alloys shared between both models.

The dash on the SR MT remains sparse. Only speed and fuel to keep you occupied on those long straight stretches. The 50 does come with the additional oil warning light to let you know when it’s time to fill up the 2 stroke.

The SR MT is a little dearer than some of the other models we see on today’s market, most of which you can ride away for under $2000. The SR MT on other hand will set you back a little over $2500. The big differentiator for me is the 14 inch wheels, bigger and it shows in the way the SR MT handles itself on the road. Another bonus is that all the key components like chassis, brakes and suspension are shared with the 125 model.

The SR MT 50 will never feel like it’s underdone.

The benefits behind 50 cc ownership are clear, 50 cc scooters are inexpensive to run, especially when registration costs and insurance are factored into the equation. Easy to get on and ride, especially when the states licensing laws suit. For those with a little bit more in the kitty, the SR MT offers a scooter that’s also a little more substantial.

No doubt the SR MT has it all going on in the looks department, but when it comes to 50 cc scooters, it also has a motor and chassis combination that will back it all up.

See your local Aprilia Scooter dealer for further information.

Aprilia SR 50
Aprilia SR 50
Aprilia SR 50

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