Aprilia SX 125

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charlietothaboy: the husky 125 looks shiiiiittttttt mate theres like a 12ft hole in the engine

dade9966: full power.

Paul Kreegi: what do you mean? they sell 11kw and 23 kw. So 11kw one has 15 hp. Btw do you know if there is any possibility to restrict/limit this 23 kw into 11 kw? pleeease aansswer

Teti20: how much?

Redknax: i hate that exhaust it looks so gay just hangin around there

mopedscootertuning: cost 4500 €

ollzax: Does the Rx or any of cross/enduro dires fit on sx 125?

trappato: Will das ding haben kannst du mir wohl deine email adresse geben. Mfg. Yannik D.

mopedscootertuning: max. km/h ca.140 it´s a very nice bike i have a lot of fun with the sx.

XownsZ: hey! I may have sx too. But they had 2 kind of versions of this bike 11kw and 16kw so is 16kw full power? or is it 22kw like in aprilia mx 125? (30ps)

marius11595: wenns nicht so weit weg wär würde ichse kaufen

Luigi Pesaro: