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#xA9; 2006 aprilia s.p.a. – Noale (VE) FOREWORD INTRODUCTION NOTE This manual is an important and This manual is divided into sections, chapters integral part of your vehicle. Keep it with and paragraphs, by subject. The procedures your vehicle at all times, even if your described are laid out by single operation, and each operation is indicated by a #x2666;.

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SAFETY WARNINGS GENERAL SAFETY RULES WARNING Gasoline is extremely flammable and The symbols and warnings used throughout CARBON MONOXIDE this manual have the following meanings: becomes explosive under certain When an operation must be performed with conditions. the engine running, position the motorcycle Safety Warning: When you find this outdoors in a well-ventilated area.

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BRAKE FLUID KEEP CLUTCH FLUID AWAY FROM BATTERY HYDROGEN GAS AND CHILDREN. ELECTROLYTE WARNING COOLANT WARNING Brake fluid is extremely poisonous. Never Under certain conditions, the ethylene glycol The battery gives off toxic and explosive swallow brake fluid.

Should brake fluid contained in the engine coolant is flammable: gases;.

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NOISE EMISSION WARRANTY acts or causing thereof: National Highway Traffic Safety aprilia s.p.a. warrants that, at the time of Administration (NHTSA) in addition to a) The removal or rendering inoperative by sale, this exhaust system meets all applicable notifying aprilia.

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CAUTION (V.I.N.) (FRAME NUMBER) VEHICLE IDENTIFICATION This product should be checked for NUMBER Every vehicle produced by aprilia receives repair or replacement if the vehicle a vehicle identification number (V.I.N.) Description of the vehicle identification noise has increased significantly stamped: number (V.I.N.), stamped on the steering.

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MANUFACTURED BY APRILIA GVWR: 401 KG (883 LB) GAWR: F. 152 KG (335 LB) WITH 120/65 ZR 17 (56W) OR 120/70 ZR 17 (58 W) TIRE 17 x 3.50 – DOT-D RIM, AT 250 KPA (36 PSI) COLD GAWR: R. 249 KG (548 LB) WITH 180/55 ZR 17 (73 W) OR 190/50 ZR 17 (73 W) OR 190/55 ZR 17 (75 W) TIRE 17 x 6.00 – DOT-D RIM, AT 280 KPA (41 PSI) COLD.

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CARBON CANISTER ATMOSPHERE Never install accessories or replacement parts not approved by Aprilia as original equipment. This can degrade the handling and safety of your motorcycle, and can cause an upset with subsequent accident and serious injury or even death.

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If NHTSA receives similar complaints, it may open an investigation, and if it finds that a Do not use any tire other than those reccomended and approved by Aprilia. Maintain safety defect exists in a group of vehicles, it may order a recall and remedy campaign.

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CALIFORNIA EVAPORATIVE EMISSION SYSTEM FOR STATE OF CALIFORNIA ONLY. The system consists of: 1) Coal filter 2) Choke hold 3) Valve 4) Canister support plate 5) M6x20* flanged TE screw 6) 4×8 tube 7) 5.5×10 fuel line 8) D11.3 tie wrap 9) D10.1* tie wrap 10)D8* tie wrap 11)D9.1* tie wrap.

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3 0. 0 0 0 k i l o m e t e r s ( 1 8. 6 4 1 m i l e s ). aprilia will repair your motorcycle at no cost should contact aprilia USA, Inc. 10933 whichever occurs first.

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C a l i f o r n i a motorcycle dealer located within the Administrative Code, may be performed aprilia s.p.a. Via G. Galilei, 1, 30033 United States of America in compliance by other than an authorized aprilia Noale (VE) Italy (hereinafter #x201C;aprilia#x201D;)

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II. LIMITATIONS. This Emission Control III. LIMITED LIABILITY B. NO EXPRESS EMISSION CONTROL System warranty shall not cover any of A. The liability of aprilia under this SYSTEM WARRANTY IS GIVEN BY the following: Emission Control System Warranty is aprilia EXCEPT AS SPECIFICALLY SET FORTH HEREIN.

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However, aprilia is not liable for these parts. The o w n e r i s r e s p o n s i b l e f o r t h e.

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#x2013; COUNTRY CODE = country of approval (I, Holland South Africa UK, A, #x2026;). Switzerland New Zealand and must be provided to the Local aprilia Dealer as reference information for the Denmark Canada purchase of spare parts or specific Japan accessorie s of th e mo del you ha ve purchased.

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BASIC SAFETY RULES The instructions given below cover normal operation of your vehicle and must be carefully observed. By following these rules you will enhance your own safety and the safety of those around you. You will also maximize the life and utility of your vehicle.

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Observe all rules of the road. Particularly Avoid obstacles that could damage the Always ride with both hands on the pay attention to all warning, regulatory and vehicle or make you lose control. handlebars and feet on the footrests. informational signs. Do not tailgate, do not attempt to increase Never shift gear without using the clutch, if Avoid showing off (i.e. popping wheelies).

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Use only the vehicle#x2019;s specific fuels and safety by providing for positive closing of lubricants indicated in the #x201C;LUBRICANT Your aprilia dealer is ready and able to the throttle. CHART#x201D;; check the oil, fuel and coolant help you with any safety problems that you levels regularly.

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This vehicle was not designed to be angle or color of your license plate. Do not original parts, and use only original aprilia equipped with a sidecar or to be used to cover it, even with a clear plastic covering.

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Never race other vehicles with your Always ride at the appropriate speed and Gradually open and close the throttle, to vehicle. avoid unnecessary harsh acceleration. avoid spinning or skidding the rear wheel. This is not only safer, but also reduces fuel Brake with both the front and rear brakes.

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Always observe posted and statutory Inevitably, the driver will look right at you, CLOTHING speed limits, but do not assume that you and yet swear that they did not see you Before riding your vehicle, make sure that can ride as fast as the speed limit under all before they turned directly into your path.

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Remember that loads tend to loosen with doubt with regard to any accessory you riding, so frequently check the security of would like to install or any load you would your load. like to carry, consult your Local aprilia Dealer. use and maintenance TUONO 1000.

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Do not hang anything from your vehicle This makes it more likely that the front Never carry loosely packaged items, make handlebars, fenders, or forks, because this wh e el w il l c o m e u p o f f t h e g r o un d. sure that everything that you carry on your will upset the handling of your vehicle, and especially on acceleration.

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ARRANGEMENT OF THE MAIN ELEMENTS 1) Fairing lug 7) Engine oil reservoir plug 13) Passenger left footrest 19) Engine oil filter 2) Side fairings 8) Left side body panel (snapping, closed/open) 20) Engine oil tank 3) Adjustable steering damper 9) Rider seat 14) Drive chain 21) Engine oil level 4) Left headlight.

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1) Rear shock absorber 7) Auxiliary fuse carrier (15A) 14) Front brake fluid reservoir 21) Rear brake control lever 2) Passenger right footrest 8) Right side body panel 15) Right headlight 22) Rider right footrest (snapping, closed/open) 9) Fuel tank 16) Right side fairings 3) Tail light 10) Coolant expansion tank cap.

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ARRANGEMENT OF THE INSTRUMENTS/CONTROLS 1) Clutch lever 7) Dimmer switch ( 2) Ignition switch/steering lock ( 8) Turn indicator switch ( 3) Instruments and indicators 9) Horn button ( 4) Front brake lever 10) TRIP 1 / TRIP 2 / MODE switch 5) Throttle grip 11) Engine kill switch ( 6) High-beam flasher – passing button (.

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INSTRUMENTS AND INDICATORS 1) Revolution counter 6) Blue high-beam warning light ( 2) Green neutral light ( 7) Amber low fuel warning light ( 3) Amber stand down light ( 8) Green turn indicator warning light ( 4) Red general warning light ( 9) Red line light 5) Multifunction digital display (coolant temperature – clock – battery voltage – lap timer – engine oil pressure.

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When the ignition key is turned to with the engine stopped, all warning lights come on for an LED checkup and go off after two seconds. If one or more warning lights do not come on at this stage, contact an aprilia dealer. Description Function Indicates the number of revolutions of the engine per minute.

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Now turn the key to #x201C; #x201D; and check the coolant level, see page 60 (COOLANT). ( M U L T I F U N C – aprilia dealer Contact an TION COMPUT- If the maximum allowed temperature is exceeded.

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#x2DA;F MULTIFUNCTION COMPUTER When you turn the ignition key to , the During the initial checkup, all instruments following instrument panel lights will turn will briefly show the current values of the Controls on for 2 seconds: corresponding parameters. 1) Switch with three positions: TRIP1 / #x2013;.

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TRIP TRIP METER #x2DA;F BATTERY VOLTAGE TIME TRIP TIME CURRENT SPEED #x2DA;F MAXIMUM SPEED #x2DA;F TRIP #x2DA;F AVERAGE SPEED #x2DA;F TRIP 1 AND 2 Briefly press SET (2) to toggle between Mode these parameters. Press it for several In TRIP 1 and 2 the data concerning trip 1 The MODE configuration features the seconds to reset all data from the selected and 2 is shown.

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SETTINGS TIME SETTINGS MENU When confirming the SETTINGS selection This mode allows you to set the clock. In (by pressing SET (2) for several seconds) this function, hours increase by one unit the following options are displayed: every time SET (2) is pressed; when the EXIT value is 12, it goes back to 1 if SET (2) is #x2013;.

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When the battery is connected for the first time, the instrument panel sets to running- in rpm value; the next time the battery is connected it sets to the last set value. RUNNING-IN RPM: 6000 MINIMUM RPM: 5000 MAXIMUM RPM: 12000 When the set threshold is exceeded, the alarm light (4) on the instrument panel flashes until the value goes below the.

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CHANGE THE CODE INSERT THE NEW CODE This function is used when the old code is Once the operation is completed, the available and is to be changed. display goes back to the DIAGNOSIS menu. If you entered with the code, this Within this function, the following message operation will not be allowed.

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To enable it, you require a automatically set for time recording. Briefly special password available only to the press SET (2) to start recording with the aprilia Authorized Service Centers. lap timer. Language Press SET (2) again within the first 10.

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A l a r m s a r e d i v i d e d i n t w o g r o u p s as aprilia Authorized Dealers and depending on their priority.

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CONTROLS CONTROLS ON THE LEFT HAND GRIP 1) HORN BUTTON ( The horn sounds when the button is pressed. 2) TURN INDICATOR SWITCH ( To activate the left turn indicator, move the switch to the left. To activate the right turn indicator, move the switch to the right.

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Contact your Local aprilia event of a stuck throttle or other engine Dealer for repairs. Failure to observe runaway.

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Position Function Key removal The steering It is possible is locked. to remove the It is neither key. possible to start the (LOCK) immobilizer engine, nor to system is Steering lock switch on the activated after lights. the key is removed.

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UNLOCKING/LOCKING THE T h e t a i l s e c t i o n o f t h e v e h i c l e To lock the passenger seat/seat cover PASSENGER SEAT/SEAT COVER accommodates a convenient glove / tool kit (2): c o m p a r t m e n t. s i m p l y r e m o v e t h e Position the vehicle on the stand, see.

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GLOVE/TOOL KIT COMPARTMENT LUGGAGE RACK FASTENINGS Small parcels can be carried only on the r e a c h t h e g l o v e / t o o l k i t passenger seat, using elastic bands. The compartment, proceed as follows: elastic bands are hooked to the two Remove the passenger seat/seat cover.

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SPECIAL TOOLS To perform some specific operations, it is advisable to use the following special tools (to be requested to an aprilia dealer): Tool Operations Pins (1) for the rear support stand, see Positioning of the vehicle on the rear stand.

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MAIN COMPONENTS WARNING G a s o l i n e p o i s o n o u s a n d FUEL carcinogenic and contains chemical WARNING substances that cause birth defects and o t h e r r e p r o d u c t i v e p r o b l e m s. I f Gasoline is extremely flammable and in some conditions can become explosive.

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Lift the little cover (1). When refueling operations are completed: WARNING Insert the key (2) in the cap lock (3). WARNING Turn the key (2) clockwise, pull it and Make sure that the fuel filler cap (4) is open the fuel filler cap (4). properly closed.

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In case of oil leakage do not ride your CAUTION your Local aprilia Dealer. Failure to vehicle. Before using the vehicle, have it observe this warning can lead to engine repaired by your Local aprilia Dealer.

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The front brake system is equipped with indicate any discrepancy, contact your two discs, one on the right and one on the Local aprilia Dealer before riding. Wet conditions seriously degrade the left side of the front wheel. performance of your brakes. When the.

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Have the brake disks checked by an Official aprilia dealer after the first 625 mi (1,000 km) and every 6,250 mi (10,000 km) thereafter. Before each ride, check the brake fluid.

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WARNING Avoid any prolonged exposure of the brake fluid to air. The brake fluid is hygroscopic and when in contact with air it absorbs its humidity. Leave the brake fluid reservoir open O N L Y f o r t h e t i m e n e c e s s a r y f o r topping up.

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CHECKING THE SYSTEM CAUTION is reduced in any way, have your vehicle serviced by your Local aprilia Dealer. It NOTE Carry out these checks only on a When the disc pads wear out, the level.

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WARNING Do not add any additives or other substances to the brake fluid. Top up the reservoir with brake fluid, until the fluid reaches the #x201C;MAX#x201D; mark. Replace the gasket (4) in its seat correctly.

CAUTION Do not tilt the reservoir (1) even if the cap (2) is tightened.

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CHILDREN. brakes is reduced in any way, have your and using the bike with a clutch that is vehicle serviced by your Local aprilia DISPOSE OF USED CLUTCH FLUID anything less than perfect is very likely Dealer.

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Aprilia Tuono 1000

Loosen and remove the cap (2). WARNING Remove the gasket (3). Have your Local aprilia Dealer check the clutch conditions every 4,650 mi (7,500 CHECKING THE SYSTEM km). NOTE.

Page 57

Local aprilia Dealer. It may be necessary to have your dealer NOTE In order to fill the reservoir to the.

Page 58

(4) is set at the desired distance. sure that the eccentric is firmly clamped in the shift lever (10). NOTE If it is necessary to further adjust the shift lever, contact your Official aprilia dealer. use and maintenance TUONO 1000.

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If you wish to adjust the clearance of the ADJUSTING THE REAR BRAKE CAUTION rear brake lever (4): PEDAL If this caution is not observed, the brake Loosen the lock nut (5) on the master The rear brake pedal (1) is adjusted to fit will remain slightly applied, with cylinder push rod (6) and run it as far most riders during manufacture.

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Have the coolant changed by your Official violently. aprilia Dealer. aprilia dealer every 2 years. If it comes in contact with the skin or The coolant is made up of 50% water and with your clothing, it may cause severe WARNING 50% antifreeze.

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CAUTION Have any damage or discrepancy repaired soap. Should you get coolant in your eyes, by your Local aprilia Dealer. Do not If dirt has accumulated on or around the flush with plenty of cool water and attempt to repair the cooling system filler cap, wipe the cap and the area around immediately seek medical attention.

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DATA), or that have been specifically to slow you to a stop. Non-compliance km), see page 137 (TECHNICAL DATA). approved by aprilia for this vehicle. with these instructions may cause Pressure measurement must always be accidents which can result in injuries or.

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AUTOMATIC LIGHTS ON WARNING WARNING Your vehicle is equipped with lights that come New tires are often covered with a Periodically inspect the entire exhaust on automatically as soon as the ignition switch slippery mold release compound. Scrub system, including the exhaust pipe and (2) is turned to #x201C;.

Page 64

INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE GETTING ON AND OFF THE CAUTION VEHICLE T h e s t a n d h a s b e e n d e s i g n e d t o The instructions below must be followed support the weight of the vehicle and a with the maximum care in order to avoid injury to persons and damage to property.

Page 65

GETTING ON THE VEHICLE Push down on the side stand lever with your left heel until the side stand is fully Grasp the handlebar correctly and get down. on the vehicle without loading your NOTE weight onto the side stand. If you cannot touch both feet on NOTE the ground, set your right foot firmly on the.

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6,250 mi (10,000 km) thereafter, the SERVICE warning (2) appears on the right display. In this case have a Local aprilia Dealer perform all service operations as indicated in the scheduled maintenance chart, see page 81 (REGULAR SERVICE INTERVALS CHART).

Page 67

PRE-RIDE CHECKS CHART Component Check Page Check the operation, the idle stroke of the control levers, the fluid level and make sure there are 50, 51, 52, no leaks. 53, 97 Front and rear disc brakes Check the wear of the pads. If necessary, top up the fluid tank.

Page 68

WARNING Be careful not to drop the vehicle when you first sit on it. Sit astride the vehicle, see page 64 ( G E T T I N G O N A N D O F F T H E VEHICLE).

Page 69

Hold the vehicle in place by applying at least one brake. Pull in the clutch lever (7) completely and put the shift lever (8) in neutral so that the green warning light #x201C; #x201D; (9) is on. The vehicle is equipped with a cold start feature controlled by the ECU which operates automatically when starting the engine from cold.

Page 70

Contact your Local aprilia Dealer for repairs. Failure to observe this warning can lead to a serious accident and result in injury or even death.

Page 71

CAUTION WARNING WARNING If you carry a passenger, instruct him/her When the vehicle is new to you, practice Do not release the clutch too abruptly, or the vehicle will rear in the air (do a not to move around unduly, and to keep looking in the rearview mirrors.

Page 72

Dealer. Failure to observe this Pull the clutch lever (3) and lower the a n d c a u s e s r o u g h a n d j u d d e r i n g warning can lead to engine seizure, gear shift lever (4) to shift down.

Page 73

; i m m e d i a t e ly contact your Official aprilia dealer lose control of your vehicle.

Page 74

RUNNING-IN WARNING WARNING The internal parts of the engine and Pay very close attention to any obstacles After the vehicle has been operated for transmission must be properly run-in to or variations of the road surface. Uneven 600 mi (1,000 km) perform the #x201C;checking ensure their long life and dependable roads, rails, manhole covers, painted operations#x201D;.

Page 75

STOPPING When the vehicle has come to rest: PARKING It is very important to choose a suitable Position the shift lever (3) in neutral WARNING parking area, respecting the road signs (green warning light #x201C; #x201D; (4) on). If possible, avoid stopping abruptly, and the indications given below.

Page 76

To leave the parking lights on: see CAUTION page 131 (PARKING-LIGHT BULB). Do not leave the ignition on if you have WARNING stopped (for emergency) the engine by moving the engine stop switch to the Make sure the vehicle is stable when #x201C;.

Page 77

SUGGESTIONS TO PREVENT THEFT CAUTION Do not use any brake lock devices. Failure to observe this warning can seriously damage the braking system and lead to an accident and result in serious injuries or death. NEVER leave the key in the ignition switch, #xF073;.

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IMMOBILIZER (if fitted) The vehicle is fitted with an immobilizer antitheft system that is automatically activated each time the ignition key is removed from the switch. Store the spare key in a safe place. Immobilizer system keys cannot be duplicated.

If both keys are lost, you will h a v e t o h a v e a n u m b e r o f v e h i c l e components replaced (rather than just the key-operated locks).

Page 79

Do not hesitate to contact your Local PRECAUTIONS – GENERAL ADVICE]. hot enough to cause serious burns. aprilia Dealer who has all the latest Avoid the temptation to hold any part of factory information and tools to properly the vehicle in your mouth. The coatings, service your vehicle.

Page 80

(1) appears on the right display. a n d m u s t b e m a i n t a i n e d a t t h e In this case have a Local aprilia Dealer prescribed values.

Page 81

24 months T H E S E O P E R A T I O N S M A Y Spark plug CARRIED OUT BY YOUR Local aprilia Dealer, OR BY THE OWNER OF THE Air filter VEHICLE. Engine oil filter.

Page 82

(10,000 km) or 12 (20,000 km) or 24 SHOULD ONLY BE PERFORMED BY (1,000 km)] racing use months months YOUR Local aprilia Dealer. Rear shock absorber every 6,250 mi Gearbox (10,000 km): = check and clean, adjust, lubricate or Transmission cables and controls change, if necessary;.

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MAINTENANCE RECORD Owner Name Owner Address Owner Telephone Number Vehicle Identification Number (V.I.N.) (frame number) see page 86 (IDENTIFICATION DATA) Engine Number see page 86 (IDENTIFICATION DATA) aprilia Local Dealer Name aprilia Local Dealer Address aprilia Local Dealer Telephone Number.

Aprilia Tuono 1000
Aprilia Tuono 1000
Aprilia Tuono 1000
Aprilia Tuono 1000
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