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Anniversary Interview Update

with Reed Ginie Sayles

Recorded Transcribed 2009, Updated Transcription 2010

Copyright 2009 Reed Sayles

Updated 2010 2012

Question: Is this the longest time period each of you has been married?

Reed: Yes. Each of my previous marriages did not last beyond 6 years. Now, Ginie and I are entering our 28 th year.

Ginie: Yes. My previous marriages did not make it as long as Reed’s did.

Question: What do you think has been the secret to success for your marriage?

Reed: First, we really love each other. Second, I think the secret for us is being together 24 hours a day and saying loving words to each other throughout each day. I love the 24-hour commitment.

It has been the most positive influence in my life overall.

Ginie: I think success in marriage is a day-by-day experience and it can never be taken for granted. There are no guarantees in any marriage; but I believe the best glue is kindness to each other. After one of my seminars in California, a woman said to me, I have attended several of your seminars and listened as you and your husband set up the room before the seminar, not even aware I was just outside the door.

I was impressed by the way you and your husband talk to each other.

Something else I think is relevant is that Reed and I laugh a lot together. We rarely fuss and when we do, it is short-lived.

Q uestion: Are you religious as a couple?

Reed: We attend the Episcopal Church. We say prayers together every single day; and we make a dedication statement to each other, too.

Ginie: It is interesting that we were both Episcopalians when we met; so we both already had exactly the same faith. It feels as if our life together has been a spiritual journey.

Question: Are you political and do you mind if I ask about your politics?

Ginie: No, not at all. I am a swing-vote Independent. I think each party should have to vie for my vote, not take it for granted. I have voted in both parties at different times, depending on what I considered best for the country at the moment.

I am the only one in my family to be an Independent. I do not understand why one party hates the other. They lie about each other to gain power and the country suffers for that.

To me, the two parties are like Yin and Yang; we need both parties to keep the pendulum from swinging too far in either direction.

Reed: I mind a little, I guess. When I grew up I voted the way I was taught to vote. After I experienced many sides of life, I realized we may have equal opportunities by law, but not everyone has equal abilities by birth.

A mentally deficient person or even a slightly below average person cannot make savvy investments for their own retirement. Even average and above average individuals and some well-educated, intelligent people may not be able to invest knowledgeably for retirement. Wall Street has proven in the recent crash that it was too corrupt to be trusted to do the best for individuals without supervision.

Charities to help people have as much fraud and abuse as government programs; so as an American, I trust our imperfect government programs more because their aim is to protect the average guy. I guess that makes me a Democrat. I respect other people’s views. My wife is an Independent and I respect that.

We do not argue about politics.

Question: Did you think your marriage would last this long?

Reed: Yes, I did. I knew this marriage was different for me and I wanted it to last forever.

Ginie: I felt this one stood a good chance of making it. We have been happy and we are still happy together.

Question: How do you celebrate your anniversary?

Bajaj Discover

Reed: We make a big deal out of it. We spend the whole day celebrating. Romantic cards, gifts, love notes.

Ginie: We celebrate it differently, each year, so it has an element of discovery. Sometimes we celebrate in Charleston, SC where we honeymooned. And we have spent our anniversary in Quebec, Canada, in Stockbridge, MA, in New York City, in Newport, RI, in Bangor, ME, in Cour de Alene, Idaho.

The one constant we have is French cuisine because we had our wedding dinner at French Fortnight at Neiman-Marcus in downtown Dallas and that was one of their last fortnights.

During fortnight (2 weeks) of each year, Neiman’s spotlighted a particular country. They brought in unique items from that country to sell in every department; and they flew in a top chef from that country to prepare a wonderful menu for diners at the Zodiac Room restaurant.


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The year Reed and I married (1985) Neiman’s Fortnight (2 weeks) was all French. Everything was from France. They flew in a top French Chef to prepare the most wonderful food.

I really miss Fortnight and wish Neiman-Marcus would bring it back!

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