It is hard to imagine a more extreme version of a car than the AM-RB 001, a vehicle that can run with pro-racing machinery. Yet, here we see the Aston Martin Valkyrie AMR Pro. It takes the road-wise, common Valkyrie and flips it on its head, converting it to a track-exclusive vehicle.

The track version eliminates the high-end creature comforts, such as the heater and window defroster to shed some excess weight. No mufflers, either! Too heavy. The ARM Pro’s exhaust will be much lighter with minimal silencing requirements that were constraining the V12. The 6.5 liter Cosworth V12 has also made a comeback in this model giving the Aston Martin Valkyrie much more power. Those with street legal Valkyries will be happy to know that the same RImac Energy Recovery System will be in the track versions.

Because of the lack of a window defroster, the Aston Martin Valkyrie will maintain visibility with a polycarbonate windshield with built-in heating elements, eliminating the need for the defroster all together. The side windows and back window will also be polycarbonate. However, already feather light, the carbon fiber body of this monster will be lightened as well.

The company predicts the Valkyrie’s top speed will be around 250 MPH, along with sustaining 3.3gs around corners and producing over 3.5gs while braking. With all of that, the claims of it keeping up with Formula 1 and LMP1 vehicles is starting to sound less farfetched.

So far, there’s no word on how much one of these bad boys will set you back, but with the average road edition costing well over $3 million, it’s certain they’ll cost a pretty penny.