A 25 day ownership report of Bajaj Pulsar 220dts-i

A 25 day ownership report of Bajaj Pulsar 220dts-i

Let me make it clear, never ever in my wildest of dreams have I thought that some day, even I will be an owner of a ‘Pulsar’ because I am in love with ‘HH Karizma R’. Put the blame on HH’s (Hero Honda’s) insane waiting period, I settled for a Bajaj Pulsar 220dts-i [MIDNIGHT BLACK] – which I had it delivered in less than a week’s time J

Now about my New Ride; considering the fact that my previous bike was a ‘100cubic centimeter engine producing less than 9 brake horse power’ commuter, I found this real fast with amazing torque spread amongst all 5 gears (P.S. I am not a techie biker). The absence of an additional gear is well felt when on highways. Highways – did I say highways. Yes, this bike is at its phenomenal best when on open roads with lesser potholes.

My bike is closing in on the 2k km mark and I was able to achieve a 132kmph top whack with a pillion rider (actually my friend did this, with me as pillion rider). I have touched the same top speed as a solo rider and this was when I gently raised the throttle (I was cruising @ 50-60kmph on 5th gear) without any down shifts. This certainly says that there is still more power left in it.

Gear shifting was butter smooth during the initial days of the running-in period, after 1st service

of our reviewers recommend us it became harder but still not as bad as in the previous versions. One noticeable improvement in terms of handling a ‘Pulsar’ is the break in Pulsar 220dts-i. While the front disc offers sharp stops with ease, rear is more of a progressive one both of which are well supported by the Soft Compound tires at both the ends – Kudos to MRF.

Cornering is a cake walk even at above normal speeds except the fact that straight stand does hit the road very often.

Talking about the paint quality

Bajaj Pulsar 220 DTS-FI

of our reviewers recommend us. I must say Hero Honda rocks – at least in their premium

of our reviewers recommend us segment bikes (read it as Karizma R ZMR). The coating on the ‘split grab rails’ is already peeling off, which is very annoying because it is just a 25 days old kid I take care of my bike with at most care. FYI, pulsars never grow well with age – this is a well known fact L. I am slowly starting to learn ‘to live with a Pulsar’.

One of the major concerns in Pulsar 220 200 (not in production now) is the absence of a ‘Kick Starter’ and I am keeping my fingers crossed as winter is due in a month’s time at the place I live. I am really eager to see how effective the newly added auto choke feature is. I strongly believe all Indian bikes should have a kick-start facility no-matter what their make is, such capricious is our Indian climate.

Riding position is apt for people with different heights, and then you will have to face occasional wrist back pains after/ during long drives.

As I am in India, where people are predominantly ‘mileage – minded’, Bajaj Pulsar 220dts-i wins easily with a fuel efficiency of 37-42 kmpl which is a pretty decent figure for a 220cc carbureted engine. Daily office goers will find this sweet J. Auto choke, clip-on handle bar, split seats, oil air coolers for the engine, fuel and battery charge indicators, etc makes it the best VFM (Value For Money) premium bikes in India with on-road price @ around 83k. Have money. if yes, bring home

of our reviewers recommend us this sporty tourer and go places:-)

Bajaj Pulsar 220 DTS-FI
Bajaj Pulsar 220 DTS-FI
Bajaj Pulsar 220 DTS-FI
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