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HID projector lens light is a new mode of HID headlight which combines oval reflector with convex imaging theory. An electromagnetic drive is used to switch the Hi and low light. The low beam clearly distinguishes the light and shadow parts with obvious dividing line. In the middle of high beam shadow, there is a focusing block which can provide brighter and further irradiating distance.

It is a legitimate and excellent light which is soft to vehicle and passerby.

1. Can I install HID Projector on my motorcycles?

Our motorcycle HID projector is designed to retrofit virtually two headlights motorcycles with little modification. Just install the projector lens in the original bulb socket, no need to cut the bulb base (socket) of the reflector. This HID projector kit includes projector lens which equipped with angel eye and demon eye as optional function, HID bulb, ballast and whole set wiring harness and relay, nothing else you need!

Before you purchase this hid projector, please do checks the reflective bowl has enough space to install this hid projector, if you not sure if this kit will be suitable for your motorcycles, you can also consult it with our sales team first.

2. What’s angel eye (halo eye)?

The angel eye also call halo eye, which is the CCFL (cold cathode fluorescent lighting) light attached around the projector lens, it will be light up by using angel eye inverter (igniter). Normally, several different colors are available for the angel eyes, such as White, Blue, Red, Green and Yellow. You can choose one desired color among those.

4. How does the angle eye or demon eye work?

It will be light up by using angel eye /demon eye inverter (igniter), and normally it will be connected to the driving light or pilot light. It can also be used as daytime running light.

5. As for some motorcycles, the low beam will be stays on all the time, can I still choose demon eye function?

6. Which bulb color shall I choose?

Many people believe that the higher the color temperature the brighter the lamp. This is totally wrong. The color temperature is purely a scale to measure the color of the light output.

It is a reference purely for color and could equally be called White, Green or Blue.

The reality is the higher up the scale the lamps are the less bright they become. 6000K lamps are approx 5-10% brighter (measured in Lumens, not degrees K) than the 8000K. 4300K has better penetration compare with 6000K, particular in the rainy day or mist days.

And 6000K is the best combination of the color and brightness! 8000K and 10000K looks cool and attractiveness with quite satisfied light output, much brighter than stock halogen bulb.

7. Do I need to buy extra accessory to complete the installation?

The HID projector kit has included all necessary accessories you will need for installation.

HID projector, HID bulb, HID Ballast, wiring harness, angel eye and demon eye (optional), angel eye igniters.

The retrofitter may need to buy some sealant glue to reseal the headlamp after the projector has been installed. Please purchase it locally as the sealant glue is not allowed for the air shipping.

8. Can I install it by myself?

We suggest the HID projector to be installed by professional mechanic to ensure the performance. If the retrofitter familiar with the lighting system, and consider the high labor costs, retrofitter can also do it by themselves but please do following the instruction manual to ensure the wiring to be connected properly, if you face any problems for the installation, please consult our after sales team. Our mechanic will assist you to finish the installation.

9. How long for the warranty? How can I claim the warranty if defective found, do I need to send back the defective item?

One year warranty will be offered for the HID projector kit, if the defective (malfunction) is found during the warranty period, we will provide free spare parts to replace the defective one, consider the high shipping cost and customs tax, we don’t need our customers send back defective item to us, in most cases, we will require customers to send pictures or video to proof the defective or malfunction. Shipping costs for the replacement spare parts will be borne on customer’s side. If defective (malfunction) is found after the warranty period, we can also provide spare parts with reasonable prices.

10. Do I need to re-open the headlight to replace the bulb once the hid bulb was burnt?

You don’t need to re-open the headlight assembly to replace the hid bulb, you can screw it out at the rear of the headlight housing, and you can replace it same as the stock halogen bulb.

Normally the handling times will be 1-2 days, and the delivery times will be largely depends on buyer’s location.

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