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Review Of Bajaj XCD 135

August 17, 2011

The Bajaj XCD 135 is one bike from the Bajaj fraternity, which has got the ability to impress the youth. It is one of the stylish looking bikes around today. The bike has got good macho looks which is even more evident from the side view.

The fuel tank with black alloy wheels, the two rear view mirrors along with the eye-catching colors look way too impressive.

The bike comes with six spokes of black alloys along with the self start technology. It is one of the best bikes for the commuters today. There is comfort, there is technology and there is the good old Bajaj belief in the bike.

As the bike is of the commuter type, the buyer has to look forward to the millage the bike offers.

It is very satisfying to know that the XCD also fares very well in the millage segment. It offers an average of 55 kmpl in the city area and records even healthier figures of around 75 kmpl on highways. The top speed of the XCD 135 is 98 kmph.

The bike has 8 liters of fuel capacity.

The engine of the bike is equipped with the DTS technology that is what offers such good average for the bike. The bike comes with 4 stroke, air cooled, DTS-Si engine. The engine generates a maximum power of 10 Bhp at 7500 rpm and creates a top torque of 11.58 Nm at 5000 rpm.

This is no doubt a good force generated by the powerful engine.

The length of the bike is 1990 mm, the height is 1080 mm and the width is 760 mm. The ground clearance of the bike is 165 mm. The displacement of the bike is 134.6cc.

The overall weight of the bike is 116.5 KGs. For good control and command over the bike, it comes with a wheelbase of 1275 mm. while the wheel size is 2.75-17/3.00-17 mm.

The colors of the bikes have a lot of importance in the looks of the bikes. There is not a great range of colors of the Bajaj XCD 135. The bike is available in only black and blue colors.

Bajaj XCD 125 DTS - Si

However, the bike looks so attractive in any of these colors, that the absence of other colors is never felt.

The bike is a commuter one and therefore, it can do with only one disc brake – for the front. The rear wheel however has the traditional 130 mm drum brake, while the 200 mm disc completes the braking system of the bike.

The suspension helps a lot along with the wheelbase in controlling the bike. The 105 mm wheel travel, nitrox is a healthy rear suspension for the bike. It does its job honestly and the difference is there to be felt on bumpy roads.

The regularly seen 130 mm telescopic forks, is used for the front wheel suspension.

The speedometer and the fuel gauge are in the digital format while the Tacho meter comes in analogue form. Apart from this, there are the usual features of low oil indicator and low fuel indicator in place as well.

Nevertheless, the Bajaj XCD 135 is one of the best bets for Bajaj.

Price Of Bajaj XCD 135

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