2011 Sherco Line-up and Specifications


The 2010 Sherco trials motorcycle was a total renovation, it was a completely new bike with new concepts and new ideas that were the beginning of a wide range of developmental opportunities. The new 2011 Sherco models are a clear example of this, in addition to several tweaks and a new beautiful appearance; they represent a major step forward in the continuing saga of the evolution of Sherco. Sherco has made another great leap forward with the 2011 bikes, building on the experience gained over the past several months in the most demanding competitions.

The new 2011 Sherco has a completely new engine which was redesigned from the engine cases out. The cooling system lines are integrated into the new cases, thereby eliminating the external lines, this leads to increased reliability and reduced maintenance. The new housings are aluminum pressure diecast and are machined in a single cycle. This insures maximum accuracy and perfect alignment for all of the attachment points.

The new engine design incorporates a major change in the reed valve area, including a new orientation; the engine size has also been reduced. The clutch has a new master cylinder, a new hydraulic line and a new slave cylinder, which combined make the complete package smaller in size.

The fuel tank has been redesigned and it is manufactured using a heavier gauge aluminum alloy. The gas cap has been relocated and is now centrally located in the middle of the rear fender, providing much easier access. As was the case with the 2010 models, the new model utilizes a fuel pump to supply the gasoline to the carburetor. The new pump is a double internal circulation unit that ensures constant fuel flow in all circumstances.

The 2.9 model is equipped with the Dell’orto VHST flat slide carburetor.

The air filter housing has been redesigned by adopting a new inlet pipe along with a new lid with a clip system that improves the closing and sealing of the filter. The changes have not affected the air filter access and maintenance but the improvements allow the filter to stay cleaner longer in optimal conditions. The engine receives more cool air and the filter material area is greater than on any other trials bike.

The inlet nozzle has also received some minor tweaks in order to improve airflow to the carburetor.

The tubular frame dimensions have not changed, it has received some minor tweaks, and the front has new anchor points for the new panels. The frame now includes removable steering stops. The chassis and body have been given a new beautiful appearance, based on the brand’s corporate colors, blue and yellow with white on the frame.

2011 Sherco ST Updates

Pressure diecast aluminum engine cases

Revised Reed valve placement

Completely redesigned engine cooling system

Sherco 0.8

Redesigned clutch and clutch cylinder

New aluminum alloy fuel tank (relocated filler location)

New air filter cover and locking clip

New intake nozzle

New fuel pump

New radiator

Removable steering stops

New Dellorto VHST flat slide carburetor on the 2.9 engine

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