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Editor’s Note: We recently became aware of the Big Dog SkilSaw partnership with a custom painted Big Dog K-9. This is another opportunity to win a fabulous custom motorcycle with a warranty for 2009.

We immediately reached out to Big Dog for more information and photos. The motorcycle was on tour with Bosch tools, the parent company of SkilSaw. The flashy custom made the Home Depot rounds in Southern California, so we sent a cub reporter to catch up with the K-9 in Marina Del Rey. Below are all the contest and K-9 specs.

Good luck.

WICHITA, Kansas (June 2, 2009) – Big Dog Motorcycles, the leading manufacturer of high performance, high style motorcycles, is pleased to announce its 2009 K-9 has been selected as the grand prize in SKIL’s Worm Drive Challenge. The motorcycle, custom painted for the contest, will be awarded to the person who shows the best use of the power tool company’s popular saw while working on a construction job site or remodeling around the house.

The contest, which runs through August 1, 2009, is being promoted nationwide through print advertising in leading contractor and targeted consumer publications; targeted e-mail databases; in-store materials for home improvement and contract supply stores; several events, including NASCAR races; and the contest’s website Click here, quick .

To enter the contest, participants submit their story of their construction challenge with photos through the website or the mail. Entries are based on the project’s difficultly, solution creativity, and overall success.

The grand prize K-9 comes complete with award-winning styling; 117 c.i. electronically fuel injected, fully-polished engine; 6-speed BDM Balance Drive; super fat 300mm rear tire; hidden shock suspension; chrome upgrades; custom embroidered seat; and hand-painted custom paint and graphics. A subtle SKIL logo and airbrushed silver saw blades that complement the realistic flames promotes SKIL’s brand image while showcasing the individual touch Big Dog Motorcycles brings to all its bikes.

“The 2009 K-9™ is a well-balanced, well-designed machine,” Hansen added. “It shows that with each new year, we set higher standards for high performance, high style machines while at the same time making the bike a blast to ride. In the end, it takes the winner of SKIL’s Worm Drive Challenge from on top of a house, barn, shed, or deck to on top of the world.”

The New K-9 Expands Big Dog Motorcycles Chopper Line By Nine Feet


Big Dog Motorcycles, the second largest American V-Twin motorcycle manufacturer and the world’s largest builder of chopper-style motorcycles expands its chopper line to three with the all-new K-9. The K-9 joins the Chopper, launched in 2003, and the Ridgeback, which rolled onto the streets one year later.

“The industry’s most stunning line of choppers now includes an entry with better boulevard presence than ever before,” commented Nick Messer, President, Big Dog Motorcycles. “Add superior riding comfort to its aggressive styling, substantial appearance, and striking profile, and the K-9 sets a new standard of what a chopper-style bike could – and should – be. It lets Big Dog Motorcycles once again stake a claim for leadership in this niche,” he added.

With an ultra fat 300mm rear tire, long wheel base, rebellious frame stretch, 39-degree frame rake, and sweeping steel one-piece tank, the 690-pound K-9 takes some aggressive styling cues from the award-winning Ridgeback, its wildly successful predecessor, and adds an active a-frame swingarm suspension for optimal riding comfort.

“The Ridgeback became the template of the K-9,” stated Dustan Hahn, Chief Technical Officer, Big Dog Motorcycles. “It was designed to keep the Ridgeback’s radical styling yet surpass it in every other way possible and set a new milestone for the chopper industry.”

Key technological features draw a clear link from the K-9 to the other motorcycles in the 2006 six-bike arsenal: A beefy, full-polished 117 cubic inch engine (1,916cc) fed by a Super G Carburetor for improved power and performance; a refined Baker 6-speed transmission; and the BDM Balance Drive System, which brings the final drive to the right side of the motorcycle, allowing for superior balance, agility, and easier cornering, even for wide-tire motorcycles.

“These three mechanical features immensely enhance riding response, balance, feel, and enjoyment,” Hahn stated. “With refined transmissions and drive trains, we have made extensive use of all available technology to build a motorcycle more rideable than any other heavyweight cruiser.”

Big Dog K9 Cruiser
Big Dog K9 Cruiser

the Ridgeback and Chopper, making the K-9 the true “big brother” in the chopper line-up.

Wildly designed sculptured struts enhance the rear of the bike while the pointed, gleaming lower legs, custom-designed billet wheels, and sweeping fender enhance the front. Big Dog Motorcycles’ custom 2-into-1 exhaust sweeps by the contoured battery box and hidden three-quart capacity oil tank while strengthening the K-9’s muscular appearance. Two-piece full floating rotors and four-piston billet calipers provide confident braking.

Big Dog Motorcycles also designed the K-9 as a ride quality benchmark in the chopper segment, exemplifying, even magnifying the company’s strategy to build cutting-edge cruisers for real-world riding. While the low seating position of just over 24 inches and the ergonomically designed low-rise handlebars help provide comfortable cruising, the active suspension in the a-frame swingarm amplify riding smoothness, even over long distances.

In addition to a large selection of graphics and frame colors – including new flashy vibrant colors – options for the K-9 include battery cover graphics. Accessories include custom, exotic seats, sissy bar and passenger seating, and Mean Mother Drag Pipes.

Big Dog Motorcycles expects the K-9 to be its top-seller. More information about the K-9 and the rest of the Big Dog Motorcycles’ 2006 line of motorcycles and accessories can be found at There, you can also view a complete line of apparel and collectibles that supports the motorcycle enthusiast’s lifestyle.

All Big Dog Motorcycles products are available only through the company’s nationwide network of nearly 100 dealers.

At Nine-Feet long, The all-new K-9, with its 300 rear tire And swingarm suspension, is a radical combination of eye-catching style and mind- blowing rideability


Warranty 2-Year Factory Warranty

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