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BMW-GS Mailing List Charter


Q1 – What is the BMW-GS mailing list?

BMW-GS is a topical mailing list for discussion of all facets of ownership and riding of BMW GS series dual-purpose motorcycles. Topics dealing with the GS’s close relatives (e.g. R80ST, R100R/850R/1100R, F650) may also be appropriate provided they have some relevance either to GS’s or to off-pavement touring/riding on an absurdly heavy motorcycle.

Q2 – What if I feel its charter is narrower than my interests?

Congratulations, you must have a personality! Or at least own other bikes besides your GS. But the list administrators don’t care about anything besides the topics described in A1, not appearing in their BMW-GS mail folder anyway. We don’t expect BMW-GS’s charter to completely satisfy everyone’s cyber/moto thirst.

But fortunately there are many other lists available with somewhat different charters, and it’s easy to subscribe to as many or as few as you’d like. For instance, other BMW-related email lists include:


A topical (i.e. non-chat) list celebrating ownership of BMW Boxers with type 247 or earlier engines. (This would include R80G/S and R100GS, but not R1100GS/R1150GS models.) Boxer technical info, short stories, trip reports, planned gatherings, and tasteful jokes are all appropriate on this list, an effort of the Airheads Beemer Club.

To subscribe to airheads, send mail:

msg body: SUBSCRIBE AIRHEADS Yourfirstname Yourlastname List owner: davidwisonicnet Website:

CO-BMWGS: Colorado BMW dual sport bikes/rides/wrenching/gathering

To subscribe to co-bmwgs, send mail: To: listprocdorjecom

DUST: DUal-Sport-Touring on BMW GS’s and [gasp] other brands too! To subscribe to DUST, send mail: To: listprocdorjecom

Note that listproc and majordomo ignore anything on the Subject line. Your command must be contained in the body of the message.

A far more complete list of motorcycle-related mailing lists is available on the World Wide Web at URL:

If you can’t derive a combination of existing lists to cover all of your interests without overflowing your mailbox, contact us at bmw-gs-ownermicapeakcom for information on how you can create and administer a new list with a unique charter.

Q3 – Who can join the BMW-GS mailing list?

Anyone interested in the discussions outlined in section A1 and who agrees not to abuse the list for purposes beyond this charter.

Q4 – What’s considered abuse on this list?

Propagating threads that move beyond the bounds of this charter as outlined in section A1. In consideration of other BMW-GS subscribers, such discussions should be taken to private e-mail or to a more appropriate forum such as the lists described in A2. For example, a debate about helmet laws would be inappropriate on BMW-GS, although reviews of dual-sport helmets are welcome.

In general, the less GS-specific a topic is, the less bandwidth it deserves on this mailing list.

For those who feel the need to post announcements about laws and regulations which may affect the way in which we may be allowed to use our bikes, even though such issues are rarely GS-specific, there is the following clause. You can mail them to the list administrator (bmw-gs-ownermicapeakcom) who will post them IF they have a pointer (web- or mailaddress) to a forum in which any discussion can and should take place; they will get posted with a subject line stating No discussion here.

Posting complaints to the list about abuse of the list. However well intentioned, this is usually as harmful as the original noise. Such concerns should be addressed directly to the originator or list administrators only.

Posting test messages and other meta messages, such as Did anybody see the message I sent last week? and Why haven’t I gotten any messages yet today? Such messages are more appropriately addressed to the list administrators, or handled by the automated list-processor. Please see A16 below.

Posting virus warnings or email chain letters of any kind. See or

Almost beyond mentioning is the fact that riding a BMW-GS is not restricted to specific views on life, be it political, religious, social, sexual or whatever, with the possible exception of the mental attitude required for owning and riding one in the first place. If for some reason you feel irritated or even offended by another member’s remarks, however tangential and non-GS-specific they may be and therefore worthy of comment that they be kept off-list, rebuttal, or worse, PLEASE keep those remarks off-list too, directing them to me ( instead.

On-list comments in cases like these tend to avalanche into ugliness, and we all can do without that. Also note that there are no absolutes here, and that what to one person is merely a somewhat brusque remark can be another person’s deadly insult. Therefore, be temperate in what you send out, and be tolerant in what you accept.

Q5 – What if someone abuses the list?

The list administrators understand that most inappropriate postings are unintentional. We have therefore set the default Reply-To field to the originator (see A12 ), and the default mode to ACK (see A11 ). The list owners are also NOT interested in running a moderated list. And we even understand that some amount of off-topic chatter is inevitable.

But at the same time, we are also dedicated to ensuring that BMW-GS remains a topical, high-content, low-noise list for the benefit of those subscribers who don’t have time to sort through the sheer volume inherent in a random chat list. Should polite reminders (by the listadmins or other subscribers) prove ineffective in reducing abuse of this list, the listadmins reserve the right to refuse service if necessary to enforce this charter. Please direct any questions, objections, concerns, or suggestions regarding the administration of this list directly to the list administrators via bmw-gs-ownermicapeakcom.

Q6 – What else can I do to keep the signal-to-noise ratio high?

If a thread’s topic has evolved outside of the original posting, change the subject line of your response to reflect it. (If it’s evolved outside of the BMW-GS charter, drop it or take it off-line.)

Use minimal quotes. Trim down the text from the original message so that your reply includes ONLY the minimum quotation necessary to establish context. Include an attribution for the quoted material, but please don’t repeat 20 lines of headers. (Note that if you attempt to re-post the Message-ID: header of the original message, listproc may mistake your reply as a bounce and automatically reject it!) You can also make your response easier for others to read by following the Internet/NetNews convention of appending new material AFTER the minimum quoted portion of the message to which the new stuff refers.

For more information, see RFC1855 ( and other locations). Certain mail clients include, by default, all of the original message underneath the reply text, making it easy to miss how large it’s already gotten. Each time someone replies that way without trimming the quoted message, text that’s been sent to the list gets sent again, and again, and again.

This bloats message size, and makes digests hard to read.

Avoid crossposting between mailing lists. If you feel you must send the same message to both BMW-GS and another mailing list, please send them separately . The reason is that if you include both BMW-GS and other mailing list addresses on the To:/CC: fields of the same message, a frequent result is that non-GS threads wind up getting copied from the other lists to BMW-GS. As posting to BMW-GS is restricted to members only, most of these messages will be rejected.

BMW Other Dual-Purpose

Sign each message. Include at the end of each message a signature that reasonably identifies you by name, e-mail address, and preferably indicates your geographic location. It is also often helpful to include the year and model of your GS.

It is considered over the top to include a 25-line ASCII drawing of your pet cat, even if it does wear goggles and rides in your Multivario.

Do not post attachments. The BMW-GS list on Micapeak is configured to reject them, so make sure your post doesn’t accidentally include things like HTML, the infamous WINMAIL.DAT, ms-tnef, vcards and other rich text format attachments. Users of Microsoft’s email products please take note! Do not try to post graphic files like .GIF and .JPEG either.

If you really have to show a picture, supply the URL, or send it, on request, directly to those who want it.

Keep the number of geographically-narrow messages to a minimum, and, as a courtesy to others, use a Subject: line to reflect that. Remember that BMW-GS has subscribers all over the Universe.

Posting responses to the list that are only of interest to a single individual. Messages that say Okay, Joe, I’ll buy your old alternator rotor should be handled in private email.

Maintain respect, patience, and a sense of humor.

Q7 – How do I subscribe to BMW-GS?

It’s all run by server software. Send a plain text mail message to LISTPROCmicapeakcom with a message body consisting of: SUBSCRIBE BMW-GS Joe Motohead Please replace Joe Motohead with your NAME or a nickname — NOT your e-mail address. Your e-mail address is determined automatically from the headers of your mail. This means that you should send all commands to listproc (see Q8, Q9, Q10 and Q11, and also Q14) from the same e-mail account where you initially subscribed.

All list-mail will be sent to that one address.

Please do NOT subscribe from an address which you only use to forward mail to another address; this can make it hard to figure out what’s going on when mail starts bouncing, especially when the subscribed address is a nickname (e.g., and mail is forwarded to a workplace address which generally uses a real name of some form. Message bounces come from the address the mail is forwarded to, which I have to try and match up with the subscribed address.

Subscriptions from workplace addresses are also discouraged. Overly enthousiastic virus- and content-filters have often caused message bounces, and when that happens you’re unsubscribed.

You can also use the web-based interface at . but make sure you fill in the correct SMTP mail address (NOT your AOL screen name, for instance).

Q8 – How do I send a message to everybody?

Send your message to BMW-GSmicapeakcom and it will be distributed to all subscribers.

Q9 – How do I unsubscribe?

Send a message to LISTPROCmicapeakcom with a message body consisting of: UNSUBSCRIBE BMW-GS No name is required – it’s keyed on your address from the e-mail header.

Again, you can also use the web-based interface at . which is especially suitable in case you can’t send mail from your subscribed address anymore. To gain access, you have to have your password at hand, which is in the mail message you received as the acknowledgment to your subscription. This also applies to the next two items (Q10 and Q11): changing your subscription address and your mailing mode.

Q10 – How do I change my subscription address?

Though listproc refers to a SET ADDRESS command, it is strongly advised to simply SUBSCRIBE from your new account, and UNSUBSCRIBE from the old. The SET ADDRESS command works only when sent from the old address anyway, so if you have switched providers or your company’s mail administrators have changed a little something, and you no longer can send email from your old address, just send a note to the list administrators via bmw-gs-owner, and we will manually remove your old address.

BMW Other Dual-Purpose
BMW Other Dual-Purpose

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