Cagiva Elefant 900

Cagiva Elefant Motorcycle Manual


Settings Adjustments

Front fork oil

Flexible drives

Secondary transmission chain


Sprocket crown gear

Air filter

Plunger strainer

Brake system

Fuel feeding

Chain tensioner

Oil pressure



Speedometer cable drive

Carburetor union

Overall dimensions

Tightening of exhaust pipe flanges


Cylinder head tightening

Clutch assembly



Brake pad wearing


Engine oil

Fuel tank

Valve gear

Cylinder compression

Valves slack


Wheel hub bearings

Fuel filter and pipes

Steering column bearings


Oil filter

Electrical system

Spark plug

Side stand axis

Hydraulic fluid






Nuts bolts

Throttle control






Starter motor



Spark plug


Braking system



The Cagiva Elefant is a bike that is the perfect all round riding experience for both off road and on road thanks to its comfortable seating position, rugged build quality and well-suited suspension and tire set up. With its quality suspension, you’ll also have no trouble with handling this machine regardless of the terrain you’re trying to plough through, whether that’s a dirt track or the highway. The 900cc engine also allows the Cagiva Elefant to be road competent even by today’s standards, so this is still a fantastic purchase to make on the used market.

Being so capable in all situations, the Cagiva Elefant is inevitably at a higher risk than its on road-only counterparts that will never be exposed to the corrosive off road elements. Therefore, if you plan on keeping your Elefant 900 in the best possible condition and want to promote its road life for as long as possible, you’ll need to get into some good servicing habits.

Although the easiest route is simply to ring up your local garage and have them sort out everything, this will also be the most expensive route that can really tot up your total motorcycle running costs. Therefore, if you want quality work doing on your bike without the high price tag, the only option is to start carrying out your own home maintenance. But is this as easy as it sounds to just jump into?

Well, contrary to popular belief, motorcycle maintenance is actually simple enough for any rider to carry out, regardless of their mechanical experience. All you will need to get started is the Elefant 900 manual. By giving you such great depth of information about virtually every part on your machine, you’ll have the basics covered in no time.

This will allow you to keep your bike’s performance at its optimum without the unnecessary costs. On top of that, it won’t take too much effort for you to figure out how to begin repairing and replacing damaged or worn parts either, since the guidance will be detailed right here in the Cagiva manual. All you’ll need to do is source the parts online and you’ll be well on your way.

After just a year of getting into and performing your own home motorcycle maintenance, you’ll be able to see a world of difference with how your machine performs as well as allowing you to save yourself a tidy sum by removing those garage fees from your life. So if you’re ready to cut your motorcycle running costs without compromising the quality of your bike’s service, pick up the manual today.

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