Cagiva Raptor 1000

Cagiva Raptor

The Cagiva Raptor was built in a 125 cc. 650 cc. 1000 cc version and was designed by the same Miguel Galluzzi. former design er of Ducati Monster. Remain in production only in the displacement child.

Raptor 125

This bike is the evolution or the continuation of the model Cagiva Planet and is in production from 2003. both models are based on the Cagiva Mito. and if they differ on ‘absence of the hull for the tank different and the difference in plant lighting, of course, being a naked motorcycling has a different approach, it has also the different calibration, making it more comfortable and agile.

The engine, just like the myth, it is very reliable and powerful, reaching a very high power versions full power (sold out of ‘Italy or on request) where close to 29.5 CV .

One advantage of this model is the ability to apply the starter pedal without the handicap of the presence of the hulls, this type of goodwill, not available in the home can be taken from the Mito SP kit or other models 125 out of production, given that the measure has remained the same as in 1980 .

From 2008 this model was sold with ‘type Euro 3 (just like the Mito SP525) due to the presence of a new system (ECS), which controls all the parameters the engine and regulates the amount of air to the engine, so as to produce less pollution .

This system, in case of malfunction, a red warning light called MIL (Malfunction Lamp Injection), which warns when the engine goes into an emergency, as in cases where the pump (mixer ) power, the carburetor or an apparent power problem or a failure.

Raptor 650

The 650 came in with a ‘first series’ from 2001 in 2004. the engine mounts Suzuki derivation of 1000, which equips the sister, the same fairings and frame very similar. This bike was marketed only the normal, despite having been presented to the public, the V-Raptor 650 has never in fact arrived in dealerships all copies thereof which are found on the street are changes implemented by the owners buying and mounting in later parts necessary for the realization of the V version.

The ‘Second’ . the successor to the first starting in 2005 and produced until 2006 has been equipped by the new engine to Suzuki Fuel Injection maintaining a exchange a six-speed transmission. Immediately apparent to the eye aesthetic interventions:

derived from the fairing’ X3 concept bike

fiancatine under-painted

fiancatine smooth frame (no more butter style carbon)

Cagiva Raptor 1000

Less obvious lack of typical media flagship of the first series (with the hands) and the protective shell parachute in rubber and plastic. For the convenience of the passenger has changed the final part of the saddle, time squared, and added a handle to which support during the trip.

Since aesthetics is often the first part of a motorcycle that is changed by the owners secure way to recognize the ie (electronic injection) from the carburetors is the presence on the front of the small radiator in the lower part of the engine, just behind the main wheel. (The presence of the radiator on the 1000 should not fool us given the much more massive that the older sister, especially the motor)

Raptor 1000

Cagiva Xtra Raptor 1000

The largest came in first in the 2000 and in uscitane 2006. was produced in one series but in most versions, normal,’ V-Raptor and Extra Raptor (version accessioriata parts carbon and adjustable suspensions.

In 2001 was introduced Xtra Raptor . in 2004. was presented a prototype called the X3 Raptor never entered into production. All raptors 1000 mounted a Japanese Internal combustion engine from Suzuki .

All drivers had the liquid cooling and brakes was composed of two disc brakes all’anteriore (only version available from 125cc Disc all’avantreno single) and a single at the rear. In common to all models regardless of engine capacity, the presence of a fork a rovesciati stems (from 40mm to the small, from 43mm for the other) and a monoammortizzatore the rear.

Handling and power are the natural qualities of this bike that integrates style and pure performance especially in the V-Raptor, which had 77.5 kW with only 194 kg in weight.

Cagiva Raptor 1000
Cagiva Raptor 1000
Cagiva Raptor 1000

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