Maintaining a car is very vital as the way you keep it, the longer the car will last. If you don't take proper care of the car, chances are there that the car will create a huge hole in your pocket. Taking some small actions can prevent a huge expense from your budget. The best tips can be acquired from your cars user manual but in case you can’t go through it, we give you some tips which you can use to maintain your car. 

Oil Change: Like blood which exists in humans, Oil is the lifeblood for an engine. Over the decades, engines have changed in terms of technology and its reliability and so has the frequency of oil changes. Earlier the oil change was set to a standard of 3000 miles and today it has changed to 5000 miles depending on the model and engine. 

Fluid Level: Checking fluid levels is also vital. Not only will it help in reducing unwanted expenses but is also important for your safety. Although all the fluids are checked according to the maintenance schedule, you need not actually wait for a mechanic to have it analyzed. Keeping the fluids up to date and in its maximum level is one of the best ways to improve your cars health. You can ensure the correct levels of Wiper fluid, Power Steering Fluid, Brake Fluid, Oil Level, transmission fluid. Checking and maintaining the levels of these can save unwanted repair bills. 

Tyre Pressure: When you travel on the road, your wheel faces the wrath of the road like stones, nails, branches etc. It may seem like a small deal but these impacts the entire vehicle. Keeping the tyre pressure at the optimum level will give your car better suspension, better fuel efficiency.