The Sprint Cup Series is NASCARs flagship, the most important racing event they host all year round. This means that it is also the most profitable series. However things are looking a little bleak for NASCAR seeing how Sprint Corporation – the main sponsor of the event – has announced that their sponsorship will end in 2016.

Although this has been a mutually beneficial partnership and Sprint said it is very proud of the relationship they will no longer be able to sponsor the event due to internal changes in the company and competitiveness of the business world. Sprint said they will move their focus and funding to offering people the best experience and products.

Although the fairytale is ending NASCAR is proud of have being associated with Sprint and the relationship will end on amiable terms. NASCARs COO announced that they are happy to have worked with Sprint and acknowledge Sprints role in making car racing the sport it is today.

Sprint is also acknowledging NASCARs part in growing their business and helping them connect with a new segment of people. They believe a partnership with NASCAR will be a good investment to whomever will become the next main sponsor. This is backed up by NASCARs COO who reached out to all possible investors saying that NASCAR and The Sprint Cup comes along with a solid fan base which is highly involved in this sport and with the businesses supporting the sport they love.