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Comparing: Bajaj Discover 100 VS TVS Star City

May 4, 2011

The Discover model from the Bajaj house has brought in a lot of smiles to the customers as well as for the company. It is probably one of their best models. The patented DTS-Si technology has done a world of good for them.

The auto major has cashed in on the technology with some major success.

As for the TVS, the Star City has of late proved to be one of their best models. Indian cricket captain M S Dhoni being its brand ambassador, the bike is performing well and good in the market. The new age bike has a lot of attractive looks and with shining colors and alloy wheels it is any owner’s pride.

Bajaj Discover 100 VS TVS Star City

Let’s mention one thing about the Discover 100. This bike has a LED tail lamp. Remember, this is the first bike in the 100cc category, which has the LED tail lamp.

Okay now, let us move towards the technicalities and other aspects of the bike.

The bike has a second generation 4 stroke, natural air cooled engine. The displacement of the bike is 94.38cc. The bike develops an utmost power of 7.7 Ps at 7500 rpm and a high torque of 7.85Nm at 5000 rpm.

The five speed gearbox helps the bike excellently.

The TVS Star City comes with 4 stroke air cooled CVTi engine. The displacement of the engine is 97.7 cc. The Star City develops a max out power of 6.1 KW of at 7500 rpm and produces a max torque of 8.1 Nm at 5000rpm.

It has 4 speed constant mesh type transmission.

The fuel tank of the Bajaj bike is equipped to hold maximum eight liters of petrol out of which 2.3 liters are of usable reserve. The bike boasts of having a fuel efficiency of 89 kmpl. However, under standard conditions, the figure balloons up to 125 kmpl.

As for the Star City, the fuel tank of the bike is of 16 liters, which has 2.5 liters of reserve fuel. The bike also has a high millage of 80 kmpl. The company millage is of 102 kmpl.

Both the Discover and the Star City are high quality bikes as far as the millage is concerned.

The length of the Bajaj Discover is 2030 mm, the height is 1065 mm and the width is 760 mm. The ground clearance is quite acceptable at 179 mm.

As for the TVS Star City, the length is 2002 mm, the height is 1058 mm while the width is 700 mm. The ground clearance is not too different from the Discover and stands at 165 mm.

As far as the control over the Discover is concerned, the brakes and suspension, both play an important role. The mechanical expanding shoe and front drum 130 mm dia while the brake for the rear is drum 130 mm dia. Now, let us have a look at the suspension.

The front telescopic and rear hydraulic shock absorbers, and adjustable, is how the suspension in the bike can be described.

Bajaj Discover
Bajaj Discover
Bajaj Discover
Bajaj Discover
Bajaj Discover

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