Aprilia Tuono V4 R APRC


Aprilia is preparing to shift to the world of naked bikes the standards. The Aprilia V4 Tuono R, a stripped version of the super sports RSV4 R wants to be with his enthusiastic V4 power and crisp handling dynamics Kurvenraube new boss of the gang. What MOTORCYCLE could try out exclusively on the outskirts of Valencia.

Wow! First of the right quickly and take a deep breath. As this device shoots forward uncontrollably, clutching his spurs into the ground with insane ease of a skew in the other abklappt – that let you have first-time effect on you, that’s a huge impact in the elite of the naked bikes.

Aprilia’s new V4 Tuono R, a derivative of the super sports RSV4 R. A motorcycle that every friend ambitious movement guarantees skin off your feet. A pretty crazy cold milling, uncompromisingly designed for sport and crammed with actual mechanics and modern electronics.

Actually, this experience is not all that surprising. Because even with the end of 2001 presented a two-cylinder Aprilia Tuono went a similar way in all Naked’s even then the most radical. And he proved to be extremely successful. With 18 000 units V2 Tuono became the best selling model of the Italians.

The pattern: The Tuono RSV 1000 R was nothing more than a stripped-performance athletes with high handlebars in the classic style of the Superbikes of the 80s.

And for basically the same recipe for the Aprilia engineers have now built the new V4 Tuono R. So R RSV4 as a base, panel trimmed, wide sail on it and finished rod? is not quite as easy to as the project manager explains Marco Zuliani. “You can not install just a high bar Then you get a wild horse without reins in order to make a super athlete a naked bike, change you have a lot of details. ”

It starts with the motor, the peak power was first capped mild. Where mild is the wrong word, perhaps, the former wild Superbike engine with 167 hp instead of 180 is all. More important, it seemed to smooth the torque curve: about 25 millimeters by extended stacks in the air box, changed timing of the camshafts, a modified mapping and finally a little more inertia.

Interventions that will provide the one-liter V4 civilized manners.

If – well, at least had the good intentions there. After tearing the 167 hp, as mentioned on the chain so that one should embrace the handlebars firmly. The power is for professionals, because they should, no, you have to be at every moment master of his senses.

Untenrum the four-cylinder behaves while still somewhat reserved, he may well also act tame.

From 5000 he turns shoveling but so quickly after the briquettes that the pupil suddenly wide. Only at 11 500 rpm, the limiter cuts the elemental shear, 1000 rpm earlier than the Superbike engine. This powerful kick in the ass bent over to feel on a super athlete or upright fluttering in the wind on a naked bike, different experiences. Especially as the bottom three courses of excellent shift transmission are now translated shorter, which increases the catapult-like acceleration yet.

Out above the overall ratio is unchanged, said to be the first to advance at a speed of 270th For this reason, the Tuono is not really naked, high speed without any wind deflector would not do. Is aerodynamically honed, and to the stability at high speeds under guarantee. The author has tried it on the Spanish roads, but even at moderate speed can imagine, the aerodynamic properties.

After all, the adrenaline flowed through pilot to take the power delivery control. On the right handle on the throttle, logical, but also has three different mappings, while the vehicle at any time are available at your fingertips. In track mode the power is used quite rugged, the sport mode a bit more friendly colloquial. R such as road also reduces the power over the entire range by about 25 percent.

Scope for fine-tuning in bits and bytes but still remains: From time to have a little organ in the starter until the hot engine starts. And when starting, it is something like a torque hole to overcome.

Speaking of voting: To use the theme with the first contact care is usually less. But times of excessive drinking habits seem to be over at Aprilia, as MOTORCYCLE when testing the RSV4 Factory established recently. And even with the Tuono the exhaust valve is now controlled continuously. Not until the 5000 revolutions, is accompanied by an increasingly V4 blaring fanfare, switched on gradually pulling.

Until then, the motor will stop fairly decent return, so that in urban areas no longer has to act like rowdy.

Electrifying Power is a thrust of the Tuono, razor-sharp handling the other. It was designed as the ultimate driving machine that all others should take the road into the ground. These profound changes to the chassis were also necessary. The development department honed and milled until the optimal geometry and the best mounting position of the engine were found.

The control head has been moved a few inches further forward, which changes the mass distribution and wheelbase. The engine is a quarter inch deep, and the swingarm pivot axle, a few millimeters deep drilled through the frame. The bearing seats of the fork can be machined into a lower angle in the frame blank.

In effect, the caster angle is due to the tilted forward position of the frame almost as big as the Super Bike.

Millimeters here brings nuances as it really? “But, just for such subtleties is what matters,” said Marco doubting questions. In fact, the Tuono runs very playful and neutral in every lean angle. Certainly in terms of feedback not as direct as a super athlete, but for any time with a good sense of the front wheel. What are the seating position has its share.

Aprilia Tuono V4 R APRC

Although the pegs are mounted lower for more comfort than twelve millimeters in the RSV4, the sporty attitude of gentle pressure to ensure the front wheel. The steering is excellent with his back slightly bent ends in the hand.

Much work had invested the test drivers also in the suspension settings. Successfully introduce the Sachs parts are well balanced and make a decent compromise between hardness and sporting civilized comfort, heels and holes in the base are given, however, unfiltered. The height adjustment was back savings.

Available is the new Tuono in two versions, namely with and without electronic driver aids APRC. The APRC package covers four areas: first, the sophisticated traction control, the potters at the electronics department almost constantly. Compared to the last tested RSV4 Factory / APRC, the spin is now working even more complex. In stage eight, or seven notes to the permanent control operations for the first time only at reduced thrust.

Level six or five are for the highway just right to make small slide. The levels of two or one are plenty of wheel spin meant on the track.

Would-be stunt drivers would do, perhaps, that the wheelie control controls the height of the front wheel in unicycle acrobatics. But it is to prevent the contrary, the rising front VER. What this beast makes perfect sense, because sometimes it will also speed 140 or the rear wheel.

This can be in three stages to prevent extremely effective – if you want to.

The otherwise constantly striving to heaven but you have to check the front wheel if you please yourself. The benefits of a Quickshifters are by now undisputed, the launch control for rapid spurts could certainly do without the most.

Only thing missing is an ABS. “Wait a little, there too we will eventually have something really special,” spokesman Daniel Torresan put off to the future. With the ABS will not be missed, at least for good grip conditions. The Brembos grab hearty and with more sensitive transparency in the windows.

That it is the easier down version instead of the exclusive monobloc guns, who cares?

For somewhere cutbacks had indeed begin to realize the much lower price compared to RSV4 R. 13 790 € with the V4 Tuono R in the list below € 1,600 of the athlete. MOTORCYCLE where even jaded asphalt milling cutters 14 990 € APRC expensive version puts his heart. Thus, the rolling madness remains reasonably under control.

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Aprilia Tuono V4 R APRC
Aprilia Tuono V4 R APRC
Aprilia Tuono V4 R APRC
Aprilia Tuono V4 R APRC
Aprilia Tuono V4 R APRC

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