When it comes to automotive crimes you will be surprised at how some thieves can be dumb, from driving stolen cars to the police to posting them on online selling platforms, they are numerous ways in which dumb thieves have showcased their stupidity. In this article we will be looking at the dumbest car crimes ever committed.

1. Driving a Stolen Car to the Police
This is arguably the funniest of them all. Some thieves will tell you that the best place for you to take a stolen vehicle is to a workshop but this thief didn’t get the memo as he drove a stolen car to a police station from an unrelated arrest just a few days after stealing the car.

2. Lists a stolen car on Craiglist
Personally this is the dumbest car thief ever. This thief stole a black 636 mile DeLorean and went on to list it on Craiglist. To make it worse he stole a car which is not that popular in America and as a result his chances of getting caught even without posting it the chances of you being caught are very high.

3. Throws Brick At Car Window, Knocks Self Out
Talk about having a bad day at work. This poor fellow took a brick to break the window of a car bad sadly though he ended up hurting himself when he threw the stone to the window. The best part in all this is that the owner of the car came and found the thief lying there in a pool of blood. Luckily he was a good Samaritan and he tried to help the poor thief.