Thread: gas gas 250/300 EC

gas gas 250/300 EC


I am about 2 buy a 2002 250 or 300

question regarding power delivery.

they both peak at about the same bhp,but how would the power delivery be best discribed. just come from a wr400 thumper


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Hi Kev,

The first thing you should know is that the 300’s that you get in the U.K. are different from those available here in the U.S. Compared to the American xc300 available here in the U.S, the european ec300 has lighting, a higher output lighting coil, a heavier flywheel, slightly increased compression, and a different pipe and silencer.

The fmf pipe that comes on the U.S. model is an fmf gnarly pipe – this pipe focuses on low end power delivery at the expense of top end output. The stock pipe on the euro ec300 is a messico – I would describe this pipe as a mid/top pipe, more similar to the aftermarket motowest pipe that is available in the u.s.

My impression riding my bike with the fmf pipe is that it pulls very hard and strong on the bottom but does flatten out on power in mid to high as girlrider stated. I had previously ridden my bike with the stock messico pipe installed (it is a euro spec ec300) – the bike would rev out on top and had more mid to top acceleration. I installed the fmf and rode it for a while and then recently switched to the american made motowest pipe.

The bike still has *plenty* on bottom, but now pulls strongly through mid and pulls into the high end. The excitement is back, it is no longer sleepy on top and I didn’t have any trouble stalling the bike in tight, technical terrain.

Please note that I am running the LTR power valve cover and LTR jetting. I think the LTR power valve cover complements the motowest pipe well. The higher volume power valve cover complements the bottom end power while the motowest pipe focuses on boosting mid-top power.


The result is a very smooth and strong powerband.

The silencer is also different between the U.S. and euro models. The U.S. model comes with either a turbine core or racing fmf silencer. Most come with the turbine core. This incorporates a U.S.

Forest Service approved krizman style spark arrestor. The stock euro silencer is longer and is less restrictive than the fmf silencer used in the U.S (most likely girlrider rode one with a spark arrestor). Seat of the pants feel is that it is very responsive with the stock euro silencer and it is also *very* quiet.

I like it alot and wish it was available from the manufacturer with a U.S. approved spark arrestor.

Another difference between the U.S. models and euro models is the compression – in the u.s. a motocross head with higher compression is installed. Boosting compression will typically move power lower in the powerband at the expense of top end delivery. Many folks here in the U.S. order the 300 with the EC head that will come on your euro model ec (otherwise the distributor recommends the use of race fuel), some also request a flywheel weight to smooth power delivery.

The other thing you need to know is the difference between the 250 and 300 gasgas models. The 300 is a detuned 250 motor – the 250 has the holes in the crank stuff which boosts the excitement of the motor. The 300 also comes with a reed spacer that smooths and softens power delivery. A rider can easily remove the reed spacer to get more snap out of the 300 motor.

In general, racers and adrenaline junkies tend to lean towards the 250 (maybe because it is red!).

So, your original question was would you describe the 300s power as unexciting?. The answer in either case (whether u.s. or euro gasgas) – the euro gasgas is a bit more exciting than the u.s. model due to the choice of pipe and silencer (and the laws in the u.s. dictating what the silencer should do). If you desire even greater excitement – pull out the reed spacer.


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