Honda PCX

Getting to Know the Honda PCX

The 2013 Honda PCX is revamped and ready to roll. The scooter offers comfort as well as functionality. This is combined with a unique style that makes the ride appealing to the rider and onlookers. The new PCX has upgraded features that you may not be familiar with.

This article offers details about the Honda PCX and some of its features.


While substance is the most important aspect of any vehicle, style is often important to the rider. For this reason the Honda PCX offers a sleek style with an ergonomic design that appeals to the naked eye. Available in red and black, the PCX offers contours that give it a shape less round or boxy for a look that is modern and appealing.

Combine this with the black leather seats, wide view light housing, and chrome and alloy metalwork and the scooter from Honda offers striking visual appeal.


If comfort is of the essence to you, then the Honda PCX is just right. It offers a thickly cushioned, leather encased seat for maximum comfort and durability. The foam inner padding is counter to fit the bottom and allow for natural seating.

This encourages proper posture and leads to diminished back ache or bottom ache after longer rides. The seat is long and stretches over the back wheel to supply space for a second rider.


The suspension offers an uncompromising level of ride stability and resistance to road hazard. You will not feel every bump in the road with the standard 31mm hydraulic fork front suspension and unit swingarm rear suspension. Traction and shock absorption are further enhanced through the use of a 90/90-14 front tire and a 100/90-14 rear tire. A single 220mm disc with three-piston caliper and CBS front brake and rear drum with CBS allows you to stop on a dime.

With the Honda PCX you have safety and security in your ride.


Honda PCX

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It’s short for Soichiro Honda, the name of the person who founded Honda.

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No Honda is JapaneseAdditional: And. it is assembled in Japan and shipped to its destination country in its finished form. There are no auto plants in North America that assemble CR-V’s, either in whole or in part.

Soichiro Honda and Takeo FujisawaGreat wiki on this

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Honda PCX
Honda PCX
Honda PCX
Honda PCX
Honda PCX
Honda PCX
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