General Motors is one of the giant companies producing cars and utility vehicles. Even though they have numerous factories, they decided that they needed something more. Michigan is the lucky city this time as General Motors will be investing millions in their factory in Flint, Michigan.

General Motors is planning to change their models, so an investment of $877 million has been dedicated to prepare their factories for 2018. The factory Flint, Michigan will have a new assembly line, body-welding shops and they will expand their paint operations. This will increase their sport utility vehicles sales and create more jobs in Michigan.

Most of the companies have to stop the production of old models before they can start working on new ones, but this is exactly what General Motors is planning to avoid. They will work on new projects but not give up their old ones. The next generation of Cadillac Escalade will be produced using the new machines, but they will still maintain high standards for the older cars.

Over the next few years, GM wants to create light, eco-friendly cars that still have a strong engine. Since they also produce trucks, they need to find a way to optimize giant motors that will adhere to federal standards regarding carbon emissions. They expect to be able to build larger trucks with the new machines but without increasing the costs; basically, producing better vehicles but at the same price as the old ones.

Besides their investment, GM is also working to improve the working conditions of their employees. They are taking new measures to ensure worker safety in the factory and to make ensure workers are not required to work longer than their scheduled shifts.