Three-time world touring car champion Andy Priaulx has joined last year’s title-winning team, WSR, at the wheel of a BMW 125i M Sport. Here, he gives us the lowdown on exactly what it takes to conquer Britain’s most prestigious race series.

• Exploiting free practice
With such limited testing during the season – and the difficulty of swapping set-ups at the circuit itself – you need to use the two 40-minute practice sessions on Saturday morning to their maximum.
• Nailing qualifying
It’s so important to know when is your time to go for it. You have to have everything at its peak; you need to be on your A game.
• Using your tires wisely
Some tracks have more abrasive surfaces than others, so you have to factor that in, too. It is pointless trying to second-guess what your rivals are up to.
• Making the most of the start
You have to be instinctive and grab the chances that come to you, but not overly aggressive. It is a real balancing act.
• Planning a reverse grid strategy
You can never tell what will happen in the later race, so grab what you’ve got while you’ve got it.
• Using the bumper properly
I never go out there to try to have someone off, but a little ‘love tap’ is all part of the sport
• Playing mind games
Throughout my career, I have never given any energy to trying to disparage a rival. I think that’s a sign of weakness.
• Using experience to your advantage
Pros can spot trouble kicking off before it happens and they know when to attack and when it is wiser not to. That is the key to landing the big points-paying positions.
• Enjoying the moment
When you’ve won you’ve done something special.