Bajaj KB 125

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In this era of cut throat competition, no company can survive in the market place without knowing its product’s strengths and weaknesses. It has to fortify (Strengthen) itself against threats from the environment and exploit its strengths for increasing profits. In order to do so, the company has to conduct regular surveys to know the customer’s opinions, needs, and preferences.

This helps the company to manufacture the product according to customer’s expectations. It has now become more important for the customer confidence and higher positioning of buyer perception. Thus, Surveys becomes genuine key to success.

The Bike segment is dominated by 4 major player’s viz. HERO HONDA, BAJAJ, TVS. Besides these, there are players like – HONDA (Alone), LML, KINETIC, SUZUKI.

The expanding Indian market, the growing size of the middle class and the rise in aspirations of the youth along with opening up of the Indian economy have collectively influenced the steady growth of the two wheeler market in India. With leading foreign brands in collaborations with Indian manufacturers entering the Indian market, the customer could not have asked for more.

In fact, the Indian bike market has grown immensely and the preference for variety looks, design has brought in a number of models in the market. In the last 3 to 4 years, the craze for motorcycle over the scooters has picked up and one can find today even girls crazy for a motorbike not only in the Metros but in small towns and cities also.

Bajaj XCD 125cc DTS-Si

The bike Bajaj XCD 125cc DTS-Si was launched by the company Bajaj in September and it was expected that the company will manufacture 20000 units of the bike initially that will be increased to 50,000 units in the coming months to increase the production to make it the highest produced bike of the market.

The key attractive feature of the bike is its cost and the introduction of the engine range XCD 125cc that will give it an increased performance in to be between the 100cc and 150cc.

Sporty Look of the Bike

The look and technical specification of the bike are taken from the alliance company of Bajaj, Kawasaki. The XCD design is also a feature imported from Kawasaki. The bike is stylish and decent .It has black visor.

The bike had a bit aggressive in looks and has graphics on the tank. The bike had some traditional features like the clear lens indicator and 5 spoke alloy wheels and also some new added features are large headlamp and twin pilot lamp. The bike has a digital speedometer and has led tail lamps.

TVS Apache

TVS Apache with its shapely streamlined tank and engine design is really an eye -stopper. Its smooth and flawless finish makes this bike desirable to the market. Its tough but light 6 spoke black alloy wheels are really supportive for better control and excellent riding of this two wheeler.

Its uniquely designed head lamp has become one of the best head turner in the market of two wheelers.

Its 240 mm disc brake is helpful in stopping one in any sudden situation to avoid accident. Its all gear start and low friction engine with RCF technology are the key factor of better efficiency of this bike. It is further equipped with various upgraded technology like monotube inverted gas filled shocks, IDI lean burn, iE surge (intake and exhaust resonator), synchro stiff chassis etc. for the proper safety and security of the persons seating on the bike.


Before getting into details of Consumer Behaviour, one must go through certain basic terminologies. In general terms both ‘Consumer’ and ‘Customer’ are considered the same but they are quite different.

Bajaj KB 125

The term ‘Customer’ is some what different from the term ‘consumer’. The term customer is used to refer to someone who purchases goods and services from a particular store or company. Thus a customer is defined in terms of a specific term while a consumer is not

‘Consumer’ may be referred to any one engaged in evaluating, acquiring, using or disposing of goods and services which he expects will satisfy his needs.

So ultimately Consumers are that individual who consumes or uses a product, which may or may not be purchased by him.

So after getting into these terms we need to get into the details of “Consumer Behaviour”.

Significance of the study

 To know about the customer preference and decision process with regard to 100-125cc bike.

 To know the Basic consumer buying behaviour and the reasons because of which they switch from one company to another.

 To know about the company’s details (profile, Products)

 This study would help in revealing the type and specific qualities of the bikes offered by the company to their consumers.

 To study the satisfaction level of consumers who uses bikes.

 To study the factors influencing consumers to buy 125cc bikes.

 To study effect of advertisement on the purchasing decision of the consumers

Bajaj KB 125
Bajaj KB 125
Bajaj KB 125
Bajaj KB 125

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