Honda CB 400 Super Four Special Edition

Honda CB750 cafe racer

hmmm…yet ANOTHER CB. Wasn’t there a note in late 2010 about trying not to feature these so much? I am VERY over the CB’s being shown and I think there are WAAAYYYY too many bikes and brands out there that have been fabricated over the last 100 years to show 365 fully different bikes for every day of the year.

What about more imports that were never available to North America or Australia? How about NZ…Japan…China…India…Africa…Brazil…cheap customs from around the world…makeshift bikes…recycled pieces bikes…the list goes on! Someone? Anyone care about this? How about asking your loyal fans who come here every day?

Let’s take a poll.

I love seeing bikes people actually ride. All heart.

I’m sure its someone’s pride and joy and they spent hundreds of hours working away at it but… I don’t know, doesn’t float my boat. Beside, there are hundreds (literally) other CB’s featured here that now, only the cream of the crop won’t get people yawning.

sorry everyone is so jaded. i think its awesome. built by some one who loves riding to be ridden. and i love the simplicity. everything you need to get you down the road. if i had the skills i’d do the same kind of project.

I guess the net will do that to you.

I would like to see a shot from the front showing the headlight.

Honda CB 400 Super Four Special Edition

Good to see, would love to make a bike like this, for that kind of money. There’s something about the texture and the imperfect beauty that gives it soul. Bikes like this only add to our 2 wheel culture.

Locomotive. Maybe you should ask for a refund from Bikeexif if you’re not happy. Plus you should 100% start your own blog, I’ll check it out for sure.

I don’t get in here often enough but it seems every time I do, there’s always someone out there that wants to judge and rip on other peoples work. Odds are, they’ve never turned a wrench themself or reached into their pocket to pay for a build they would consider ‘worthy.’ Damn shame. Regardless of the make and model of the bike, I always get a kick out of seeing the results of someone’s budget-concept.

Cool exhaust, gas tank, tank cap, taillight and old school diamond stitching. Looks like fun Michiel, good job. And Anti, I agree – well said man.

Agreed. Way too much negativity lately. Would be a neat feature for BikeEXIF to have a “what have you built” reference for each comment.

Honda CB 400 Super Four Special Edition
Honda CB 400 Super Four Special Edition
Honda CB 400 Super Four Special Edition
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