Honda FES 150 ABS

Engine and Transmission

The Honda Elite 80 model CH80 comes with a four-stroke, single-cylinder engine with a 4.88 cubic inches of displacement. The carburetor is a 16-mm CV with an automatic choke. The scooter features an automatic variable-ratio transmission.


The scooter has a 46.1-inch wheelbase, a seat height of 29.7 inches and a weight of 172 lbs. The bike also holds 1.3 gallons of gas.

Suspension, Wheel and Brakes


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The Honda Elite 80 scooter is an incredibly fuel efficient way to get around town. These affordable scooters have become a favorite.

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The purpose of the carburetor on a Honda Elite 80 is to supply and control the fuel flow to the piston block.

The Honda Elite is a model of motor scooter manufactured by Honda. This scooter and its upgrade, the Honda Elite 150 Deluxe.

Honda FES 150 ABS

If you need to change the rear tire or repair the rear axle of a Honda Elite scooter, you will need to.

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Honda FES 150 ABS
Honda FES 150 ABS
Honda FES 150 ABS
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