Honda NC-I

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Martin Zborovjan: Yes, for sure. The handling is sweet as a nut. Power is soft, if slightly under powered. But the lack of power only shows on motorways. On normal B roads and town it’s a doodle.

Twistiest are a riot to ride on this, as it tips into corners so well. Rode the N-260 in Pyrenees this summer and she was like made for it. I went through a period of wanting to sell it for lack of power, but after a long European trip I fell in love again with it. It’s the fastest shopping basket.

12K miles so far.

MrKupiakos: Yes. I love my NC. I will only ride it on sunny days. I always try to find a safe, quiet place to park when I arrive at my destination.

Alexander Tressor: This is silly. I haven’t even got on a bike and my balls are vibrating from watching this video.

сарма џанки: 

myleftearful: Oh dear. Great bike but absolutely no info from the test rider. sorry guys that’s a very poor report!

mywgate: No, doesn’t replace the Transalp.

pmay222: love it. the sportsbike obsessed british bike press are whining on a daily basis. no hypersports coming out. and the adventure sport bike is the coming of the new messiah. proper everyday biking is not akraprovic and 150mph+ the new kids comin through aint carved from the same block..they dont even like getting dirty anymore. about time biking changed its direction.

mywgate: No, doesn’t replace the Transalp.

Kimchii inSLC: Kawasaki is better.

bikemike64: Too heavy for most beginners.Should be a 5speed.Narrow range of torque,Poor grips.Poor tacho .NC stands for No Cahunas! Ok around town.Ok for a rider down to 5’6probably.No centrestand! Cant be revved like all other bikes ever invented-not alot of fun-a learner would get bored in 6months.Does only 10mpg more than a proper midsize bike like a Bandit.Thumps a bit above 50mph,Screen is useless.

AceMcMoron: Exactly, with a ‘half block’ from the 1.4l Jazz, this bike will run to the Moon and back without missing a beat. This is the perfect bike for those of us who like bikes, but also have dedicated parts of our brains to other stuff in life.

Ricardo Carvalho: @187Premises obviously not everyone uses the brain and reason when analyzing bikes!

turbo311: Glad Honda is finally offering something to compete with the Versys and Vstrom. I just might buy this bike next year it its any good.

MisterMaster: Audio fail.

kostasxalkida1980: for me who im driving a piaggio beverly 300 and i want to take a biger automatic motorcycle this bike is a solution for me. also the money. is cheep, not like aprilia mana 9250€

lalaland: 0:40 onwards is hilarious! This quiet, friendly brilliant bike suddenly becomes a rip-snorting beast! Yes I know it’s where the mic is positioned but it’s funny.

Good for Honda for making this bike. I hope it sells. A bike that can realistically do 70mpg will not be popular with the sportsbike obsessed UK bike press, but it looks good, is capable of long distance travel, and here’s a guilty secret, I ride a 2011 Speed Triple and rarely take it above 6,000rpm on a daily basis!

Good work Honda!

Premises187: I keep reading comments from riders who slag this bike off based on HP top speed figures. I don’t know what epic performance they were expecting from a £5000 motorcycle that Honda designed around being fuel efficient and generally cheap to run.

DavidReece8: tht exhaust looks just like the one on my trx450 lol (the stock exhaust not my exhaust now)

Jalen A: good job

damian2001111111: well done honda.

David Magnus: I agree, it seems a great bike, however NO data or information from the Test Rider, that is very bad! Its your job to report on your finding, or do not put them up here if your not going to write up some thing or comment on the bike.

RiDE Magazine: Thanks for the feedback. The video is there to supplement the full road test, published in the February 2012 issue of RiDE Magazine.

heemoii. would this be a good beginner bike?

dukejohnson99: If I would ever get tired of my DL1000, I think this is what I’d get.

Shawn Kitchen: Agreed! Thanks for leaving the audio unmolested!

Jeff Singer: I bought a nc700x and have no problem keeping up with my friends on their liter bikes during NORMAL riding. IF they want to get away they can of course – but they have to go crazy fast. I also have a cb900 bored to a 985 yet mostly prefer riding the 700.

AcidfartProductions: 0:42 destroyed my damn ears

emersonrw: 6500 rpm