Honda GL 1800 Gold Wing Navi/Airbag

Honda: New 2012 Honda Gold Wing Motorcycles have arrived

There’s big news when it comes to the new 2012 Honda Gold Wing. Because we’ve taken what is the world’s best touring motorcycle and made it even better. The new bodywork is the first thing you’ll notice, complementing what is the best engine and chassis package the touring world has ever seen.

Look a little further and you’ll discover great new improvements to the audio system, the available navigation system, and the Gold Wing’s comfort, too. And there’s new functionality, as well, like integrated iPod® connectivity and the ability to upload trips to the navi system from your home computer.

If you thought the Gold Wing was the world’s ultimate touring motorcycle, you were right. And if you think the new Gold Wing is even better, you’re right again.

Here are the 2012 Gold Wing Features:

Trip Planner

Now you can plan trip routes on your home computer and upload them into your Gold Wing’s available navi system, also share your trips with friends, or download routes from others (Trip Planner site launches March 2011).

You’ll also notice Navi improvements like lane guidance and junction view, and a new GPS receiver that captures satellite signals faster.

More Is Better

With revised bodywork providing increased lower body wind protection, new seat material, and iPod® connectivity, you’ll be able to enjoy your adventure even more. Add XM’s line-up of programming, and the available XM® NavTraffic® and NavWeather™ features, you can stay on course and ahead of bad weather. XM Radio, NavTraffic and NavWeather are available on the 2012 Gold Wing Audio Comfort Navi XM, 2012 Gold Wing Audio Comfort Navi XM ABS, and 2012 Gold Wing Airbag models only.

XM Radio requires a subscription, sold separately after the first 90 days.

Because the open road should be just that—open.

Want to know the remedy for rush-hour headaches and congested roads? Real-Time XM NavTraffic, the nation’s leading satellite-delivered traffic information service—and one of the coolest new features on the 2012 Gold Wing.

XM NavTraffic combines constantly refreshing information on traffic conditions, collisions, incidents, roadwork and essentially anything that would slow your progress. The system then has the ability to reroute a rider around trouble spots as they appear on the Gold Wing’s Nav screen.

It’s hands-down the most accurate and reliable way to get the latest information on whether that open road you seek is actually open.

With this much on-road entertainment, why stay home?

Classic rock to classical concertos. Hip-hop to hot jazz. Politics to public radio to premier sports. World music to world news and everything in between.

That’s XM Radio, which now includes the optional Best of SIRIUS, serving up more than 170 crystal-clear digital channels and the most entertainment no matter where you are. If it’s on the air, it’s on XM.

In fact, XM Radio offers so much content you may find yourself taking the long way home. On purpose. Check it out today—and find out what true listening pleasure is all about.

It’s always better to know what you’re riding into before you get there.

Foul weather ahead? Hail the size of golf balls? With XM NavWeather™ service, another of the 2012 Gold Wing’s latest features, you’d not only already know about these conditions—you’d have been prompted on how to divert your route as well.

Thanks to XM NavWeather’s Threat Matrix™ technology, the Gold Wing’s Nav system can track nationwide weather information for more than 20 different weather conditions. This data is then scaled and customized to a rider’s specific location and route using color weather icons and/or warning signals displayed on the Nav screen.

The motorcycle that defines what a touring bike should be.

For more than 35 years, the Honda Gold Wing has stood alone at the forefront of the luxury touring class. One of the big reasons it stays there is because we’re constantly updating and innovating, without ever losing sight of the Gold Wing’s core greatness.

The improvements and features we’re offering on our 2012 models are a perfect example of that:

The new (sleek new bodywork, our new trip planner, an even nicer seat) combine with the proven (a famously smooth six-cylinder engine and a twin-spar chassis influenced by our years of Grand Prix racing) to give you the best Gold Wing ever. Revolutionary. Extraordinary. Standard-setting.

It’s what you’ve come to expect of the Gold Wing. And that’s especially true with our latest model.

Some local governments may prohibit the use of a headset by the operator of a motor vehicle. Always obey applicable laws and regulations.

2012 Honda Gold Wing GL1800 Airbag Unique Features

XM Radio:

– XM Radio offers 170 channels from coast to coast, including commercial-free music, premier sports, news, talk radio, comedy, children’s and entertainment programming.

– XM NavTraffic is the nation’s leading real-time traffic information service, combining up-to-the-minute information on accidents and incidents with the ability to re-route riders around trouble spots as displayed on the navigation system screen.

XM NavWeather:

– The XM NavWeather service uses sophisticated Threat Matrix™ technology to track nationwide weather information for more than 20 different weather conditions, then scales and customizes this detail to the rider’s specific location and route.

XM NavWeather can alert riders to severe conditions before they ride into them.

The service works with the Navigation System to display information via color weather icons or warning signals on the navigation screen, and can give the rider the option to easily re-route around a storm’s path. The service also provides multi-day forecasts based on weather monitoring stations across the United States.

– XM available on Navi package model only.

Cold-Weather Comfort Package:

– Five-position heated grips for cold-weather riding.

– Five-position heated seat/backrest combination with individual rider and passenger controls for optimum comfort.

– Foot-warming system channels engine-heated air over the rider’s feet and is controlled by a fairing-mounted lever.

– Standard on all Gold Wing models.

– Industry-first fully integrated rider airbag on a motorcycle.

– The airbag module contains the airbag and inflator and is positioned in front of the rider.

– The ECU positioned to the right of the module detects changes in acceleration based on information it receives from the two crash sensors (one positioned on each of the front fork legs), to determine whether or not to inflate the airbag in certain frontal impacts.

– Airbag available only on full-featured version.

– The Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) monitors pressure in both tires while riding. When a significantly underinflated tire pressure is detected, a warning light will display below the tachometer.

– Slow-speed, electric Reverse system is engaged with the simple push of the thumb control on the right handlebar.

– Lightweight electronic cruise-control system utilizes a 16-bit ECU-based, motor-actuated throttle mechanism.

– A simple yet ingenious ratcheting windscreen-adjustment system provides six settings over nearly 4.0 inches of travel. Operated manually, the mechanism eliminates the weight and complexity of electric motors.

– Adjustable and closeable windscreen vent routes fresh air to the rider’s face or chest.

– The Gold Wing trunk provides 60 liters of storage capacity. Two full-face helmets fit easily in the trunk. The saddlebags provide 43-plus liters of storage each, resulting in a total of 146 liters of storage space between trunk and saddlebags.

– Specially designed luggage features a remote-control key lock, permitting pop-open rear trunk operation; remote lock/unlock for the trunk and saddlebags; and horn-actuated bike locator. If remote locking is attempted while a lid is open, the turn signals flash to alert the rider.

– Instrument displays for speedometer, tachometer, coolant temperature and fuel level, plus adjustable backlighting and high-luminescence red pointers. Indicator/warning lights are provided for Reverse, Neutral, Overdrive, oil pressure, fuel injection, high beam, sidestand, cruise on, cruise set, low tire pressure and low fuel. A high-resolution LCD housed in a separate module is visible in all lighting conditions and displays the odometer, A/B tripmeter, ambient temperature, audio modes, CB, rear-suspension setting, trunk/saddlebag-open indicators and clock.

– Motorized headlight-aiming system is operated by a rocker switch and provides 2.5 degrees of adjustment from level.

– Large 6.6-gallon fuel tank houses the PGM-FI fuel pump and provides excellent long-distance cruising range.

– 20-amp YTX maintenance-free battery.

– Transferable three-year, unlimited-mileage warranty; extended coverage available with a Honda Protection Plan.

– Powerful, fuel-injected 1832cc six-cylinder engine produces smooth, effortless power.

– Parallel two-valve cylinder-head design utilizes direct shim-under-bucket valve actuation allows the first valve clearance inspection service to be at 32,000 miles.

– Programmed Fuel Injection (PGM-FI).

– Two 40mm-diameter throttle bodies deliver air to six specially designed Keihin 50-psi high-pressure programmed fuel injectors. Fuel is delivered through four nozzle holes in each injector, producing an atomized fuel mixture that is highly combustible for optimum efficiency and power.

– The ECU provides two digital 3-D fuel-injection maps for each cylinder, creating ideal fuel mixture and spark advance settings for superb rideability. Unique knock-control sensors monitor ignition advance to improve performance throughout the entire rpm range.

– ECU closed-loop emissions system utilizes two oxygen sensors to constantly deliver a precise air/fuel mixture, while two exhaust catalyzers further reduce emissions of carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons and nitrogen oxides.

– Two side-mounted radiators enhance cooling efficiency and use low-air-pressure areas created by side cowls to draw cooling air through the radiators and beyond the rider at highway speeds.

– Efficient stainless-steel 6-into-2 exhaust system produces a pleasing, aggressive sound.

– Powerful 1300-watt alternator uses a fluid damper system to minimize alternator noise.

– Precise-shifting five-speed transmission includes Overdrive Fifth.

– Twin-Spar Aluminum Frame.

– Unique Pro Arm® Rear Suspension.

– Dual full-floating 296mm front discs with Combined Braking System (CBS) three-piston calipers and a single ventilated 316mm rear disc with one CBS three-piston caliper provide excellent braking power.

– Combined Braking System (CBS) with optional Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS).

– Model equipped with ABS features an electric-motor-driven modulator that provides rapid and precise braking-pressure adjustments, resulting in smooth ABS operation. The system incorporates an integrated ECU, self-diagnostics with an interactive ECU test function and automatic protection against system failure.

– Massive 45mm front fork with revised settings for improved suspension compliance houses a cartridge damper in the right leg with 5.5 inches of travel for a smooth yet superb ride in all road conditions.

– Anti-dive system minimizes front fork dive when braking. The system utilizes brake-fluid pressure generated in the secondary CBS master cylinder mounted on the left fork leg and is activated by input from either the front-brake lever or the rear brake pedal.

– Pro-Link® Rear Suspension incorporates a new shock with revised suspension settings for enhanced ride compliance.

– Computer-controlled adjustable hydraulic rear suspension preload is easily set by the rider with push-button controls, and features a two-position memory.

– Cast-aluminum 18 x 3.5-inch front and 16 x 5.0-inch rear wheels are lightweight, strong and clear-coated to ease cleaning. Radial touring tires are specifically engineered for the Gold Wing.

Honda Genuine Accessories

Honda GL 1800 Gold Wing Navi/Airbag

– Audio Accessories: 40-Channel CB Radio Kit, CB Antenna Kit, Deluxe Headsets (for open-face and full-face helmets), Push-to-Talk Switch, Replacement Headset Coil Cord, Replacement Headset Hardware Kit, Replacement Boom Mike Windsock

– Cargo Accessories: Saddlebag/Trunk Liner Set, Deluxe Saddlebag/Trunk Mat Set, Saddlebag Lid Organizer with GL Logo, Trunk Inner Light, Trunk Inner Light Harness, Chrome Trunk Rack, Inner Trunk Pouch, Fairing Pouch with GL Logo, Saddlebag Cooler with Honda Logo, Trunk Net, Coin Holder, Gold Wing Owner’s Manual Folio

– Convenience Accessories: Passenger Armrests, Tall Vented Windscreen, 12-Volt DC Accessory Socket Kit, Foglight Kit (LED), Replacement Bulb

– Protection Accessories: Cycle Cover with GL Logo, Half Cover

– Color Match Accessories: Rear Spoiler with Brake Light

-Chrome Appearance Accessories: Front Fender Ornament, GL Icon Fender Ornament, Front Fender Emblem, Front Fender Extension, Front Fender Rail, Front Disc Covers, Chrome Bar Ends, Gold Cylinder Head Cover Emblem Set, Silver Cylinder Head Cover Emblem Set, Passenger Floorboard Lower Covers, Swingarm Pivot Covers with GL Logo, Sidestand, Rear Spoiler Accent, Trunk Handle with GL Logo, License-Plate Frame with GL Logo, Exhaust Tips with GL Logo

WARRANTY . Because we’re so confident in the quality of each of our Honda Genuine Accessories, we’re pleased to offer one of the best warranties in the industry. Three-year warranty begins on the day accessories are purchased by the customer.

Four Performance Packages

We offer the Gold Wing in four distinct performance package options, with exclusive features like Premium Surround Audio; XM® Radio with Navigation, Traffic, and Weather; Trip Planner, a Tire Pressure Monitoring System, ABS, heated grips and seat, and even one with the industry’s first airbag.

Options and Pricing

The Honda Gold Wing has always offered power, performance, handling, and touring comfort. And that’s why it’s always led the touring-bike class. For 2012, we’ve added and upgraded some of our four options packages.

Each package is designed to optimize your riding experience with such exclusive features as XM Radio with NavTraffic/NavWeather and our new Trip Planner software. Our upgraded premium audio package gives you Surround Sound—a new feature for 2012. Cold-weather comfort features like heated grips, a heated seat and passenger backrest, foot-level warm-air ducts and better lower-leg wind protection make a great ride even better.

Combined anti-lock brakes (C-ABS) help you stop with more confidence, and Honda’s revolutionary airbag system is the first of its kind on a production motorcycle.

Gold Wing Audio Comfort Motorcycle / MSRP $23,199

Features Options

1832cc liquid-cooled horizontally opposed six-cylinder engine; Heated grips, seat, foot warmer; Premium Surround Sound; Cruise Control; Electric Reverse

Gold Wing Audio Comfort Navi XM Motorcycle / MSRP $25,899

Features Options

1832cc liquid-cooled horizontall opposed six-cylinder engine; Heated grips, seat, foot warmer; Premium Surround Sound; Cruise Control; Electric Reverse; Satellite-Linked Navigation System XM Radio

Gold Wing Audio Comfort Navi XM ABS Motorcycle / MSRP $27,099

Features Options

1832cc liquid-cooled horizontally opposed six-cylinder engine; Heated grips, seat, foot warmer; Premium Surround Sound; Cruise Control; Electric Reverse; Satelite-Linked Navigation System XM Radio; Anti-Lock Brakes.

Gold Wing Airbag Motorcycle / MSRP $28,499

Features Options

1832cc liquid-cooled horizontally opposed six-cylinder engine; Heated grips, seat, foot warmer; Premium Surround Sound; Cruise Control; Electric Reverse; Satellite-Linked Navigation System XM Radio; Anti-Lock Brakes; First Motorcycle Airbag

2012 Honda Gold Wing – Press Release

Honda Gold Wing: A Legend In Its Own Time

It’s a beloved motorcycle that has earned many titles, awards and nicknames over the decades: icon, legend, superstar, best-in-class, the definitive yardstick among touring motorcycles-and so much more.

Year in and year out, such acclaim flows freely and rightly so; for more than 35 seasons, the Honda Gold Wing® first defined, then re-defined over and over again just how much performance and comfort a motorcycle can deliver to two people, whether the plan is a weekend ride or a cross-country adventure.

Three-and-a-half decades represents an eternity for most motorized products, yet as the Gold Wing enters its 36th year of production, it not only continues to lead all would-be challengers, it also continues to evolve.

And so we see that the 2012 Gold Wing once again establishes a new and higher standard for what the good life should truly be at the cutting edge of long-distance two-wheeled motoring.

When initially released to the public in 1975, the first Gold Wing literally dazzled the motorcycling press and consumers alike. Never before had the two-wheeled realm witnessed anything like this machine, one that simultaneously wielded world-class power and incredible cross-country capabilities.

In short, the 999cc Gold Wing immediately carved out an über-achiever niche all to itself, and to this day no other name offers such a complete and well-balanced blend of motorcycle touring qualities.

As decade after decade rolled along, the Honda Gold Wing maintained its supremacy by not remaining static; growth and change have been constant by every criteria, be it displacement, number of cylinders, chassis configuration, power, handling, comfort or innovation.

Such top-dog status has been repeatedly confirmed upon the Honda Gold Wing by the most rigorous of all critics: the buying public. And the statistics don’t lie; having produced a total of more than 640,000 units over its lifespan, the Gold Wing outstrips all would-be competitors by such a wide margin it literally forms a class of one.

The first group of horizontally opposed four-cylinder Gold Wing engines steadily grew from 999cc to 1182cc over a dozen years’ time, and upon its 1988 debut, the 1520cc Gold Wing introduced the then-radical notion of a six-cylinder engine for a touring motorcycle. That powerplant configuration carried over into 2000, when the next-generation six-cylinder Gold Wing grew in displacement to 1832cc to gain a remarkable increase in performance throughout the powerband.

Better yet, it also took on a dramatically new athletic nature with regard to handling, thanks in large part to its sportbike-like box-section aluminum frame. To this day, the 1800 delivers impressive performance when it’s put to the spurs-more than enough to astonish riders who have never experienced its capabilities first hand. Those in the know understand such capabilities fully, since the 1800 Gold Wing design team was headed up by a long-time Honda sportbike engineer who is also an avid sport-riding enthusiast.

Having eclipsed the realm of long-range mounts in terms of out-and-out performance, the Gold Wing also extends the horizons of comfort and amenities for rider and passenger alike. And because it’s a Honda, the 2012 Gold Wing incorporates innovative features that break new ground in the world of two wheels by offering an unparalleled level of technical sophistication.

In short, when you mount up a Gold Wing, you’re riding a living legend-and reaping all the attendant rewards.

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