Honda X4 Low Down

How to Lower a Honda Civic

Lower the front end

Jack up the car, place a jack stand on each side of the car just behind the front wheels. Remove the wheels/tires from both sides.

Pop the hood and remove the two bolts holding the shocks in from the top. Place the top of the coilovers into the holes where the shocks fit. Tighten them from the top first.

You may have to use a jack under the rotor to push the coilover up enough to seal it in to tighten it.


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First introduced for the 1973 model year, the Civic is the oldest model in Honda’s lineup. Available in two- and four-door models.

The Honda Civic is a popular compact sports car built for speed and styling. Because of its popularity, the Civic remains a.

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It looks like a small black cylinder with an electrical connector on top and bolts directly to the lower intake. How.

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The Honda Civic uses a MacPherson strut front suspension. The top of the strut attaches to the body inside the engine compartment.

The suspension system on your Honda Civic uses the control arm to hold the steering knuckle and axle housing in position as.

How to Install Lowering Springs on a Honda Civic; Print this article; Instructions. Removal. 1. Jack the vehicle’s axle up with car.

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The glove compartment in the Honda Civic can be lowered toward the floor to provide access to the internal area of the.

The front suspension on a Honda Civic contains a lower control arm that stabilizes the front suspension. This has a ball joint.

The lower ball joint on your Honda Civic serves as a steering linkage and steering knuckle pivot support. Although strong and efficient.

The Honda Shadow uses two large coil-over shocks bolted just behind the seat to provide shock absorption. This is the same spring.

The low beam headlights are very important to the safety of your 2009 Honda Civic. Driving with faulty headlights not only reduces.

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