Sunoco Race Fuels and the International Hot Rod Association agreed to a partnership deal that would have Sunoco continue as the association’s official fuel. As part of the deal, Sunoco became the official fuel for the inaugural IHRA Summit Sportsman Spectacular tournament launched on March 9, 2018. The fuel company will also be the sponsor of the IHRA Summit SuperSeries that takes place every week.


According to Lou Partenza, Chief Executive Officer and President of IRG Sports and Entertainment, the partnership with Sunoco gives the IHRA access with a product known for improving racing performance. Through Sunoco’s extensive distributor network, racers connected with IHRA have access to performance fuels that include the new Sunoco Surge.


IHRA Contingency Program


Aside from being the official fuel of the IHRA, Sunoco would also continue its participation in the association’s contingency program. As part of the program, the company’s brand visibility will remain high at all IHRA events. Sunoco’s decals would continue to be visible at the winner's circle and other areas of the racing venue.


IHRA’s goal is to provide a national stage for grassroots racers across the nation. Sunoco wants to help in that cause and that’s why the company continues to be a partner of the association. For more than 50 years, Sunoco has been supporting grassroots racing in the US and the rest of the world. It is only logical that the company remains a supporter of the IHRA when they both want to help the same racers.


At present, Sunoco Race Fuels is the largest supplier of racing fuels on the planet. The company sponsors various racing events in every category, whether it is racecars, powerboats, or motorcycles. Aside from the IHRA, Sunoco also sponsors the NASCAR, INDYCAR, SCCA, and the ARCA.