Pagani is an Italian car manufacturer of sports cars. They made their first car in 1999. Since then, Pagani has been the synonym for unique, fast and powerful cars. Because their price, that is too high, not many people can afford their cars. But we can enjoy looking them and knowing some things that their owners don’t.

• The most important fact about Pagani is their factory. The owner and the inventor of Pagani cars live there. It is more than a house than a factory. Every car is made by hand with high attention to details. Even bolts on their latest model had to be made from titanium and must have Pagani logo

. • Pagani Zonda R has 750bhp and top speed of 217+ mph. Only 15 cars were made and the price is $1.5 million.

• The engine for Pagani cars is made by Mercedes-AMG. It is especially made for these cars

. • The owner and CO of Pagani automobile is Horacio Pagani. When a new car is designed, he spends 48 hours in the room with a 1:1 model. He looks at it from every angle and try to make it more unique

. • This car company employees only 55 employees.

• Pagani Zonda R cannot be driven on the road because it is too loud.

• Their current model is called Huayra. In order to make it, Pagani made a new type of material, called carbotanium. It is a mixture of carbon fiber and titanium. This car has 720bhp.

• Horacio Pagani wants the best for his cars. One time he went to a factory that should make certain parts for his cars. He saw that there was dirty and end the deal.