Kawasaki Ninja 250r vs 500r vs 650r?

okay. this is just another ninja 250r vs 500r vs 650r post. so sorry in advance

but i really want to know what other people would choose in MY situation.

i’ve read actaully quite a bit about each model..

her’es the stuff i consider/know

as higher power goes, so does price/insurance cost(how much though?), but also overall fun in the long term

i’ve never ridden a motorcycle before, but i’ve ridden atvs, go karts, and a dirt bike.

if i’d have to go on looks, the 250r is best, then the 650r and then the 500r..

i’m about 5’8 but growing. (i’m 16)

i kinda want to get a motorcycle that will last a while. ( i don’t plan on selling/buying cause that could be a hassle)

i will be riding mostly in town. (25-45mph..)

however, people talk about the lighter bikes and how its ‘scary’ in crosswind or big semi trucks passing. and since i’m a lighter guy, (around 130lbs) i would like a bit heavier bike (although not sacrifice handling too much)

plus, living in iowa, it’s pretty dang windy like every day.

cost IS an issue though. however, the 500r and 250r are about the same. with the 650r being quite a bit more.

so the question is. which should i get.

what would you do?

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Kawasaki Ninja 650R

Ignore its that guy he never rode a 250 because it can definitley go past 65mph. I’ve gone on 100 mile trips on the 250 and ill go 80-90 all day. Insurance WILL go up as the engine size goes up.

Considering you’re 16, get a 250, i doubt your parents are willing to pay the insurance rates of a 500 or 650 unless you get liability which is not a good idea on a motorcycle unless you have good health insurance.

ATVs, dirtbikes and go karts are useless when it comes to street riding. The difference being traffic and how to handle it. I learned how to shift and brake and ride a motorcycle in 30 minutes, its not helpful on the streets.

The reason being that a bigger bike is less forgiving to a new rider. dumping the clutch on a 600 can be deadly, you can wheelie, you can spin out of control or you can highside if you don’t have a slipper clutch, if you go WOT you can get up 100 mph in a flash etc.

Don’t think of buying a motorcycle on how long you will ride it. Bikes are not the same as cars, you can’t learn on a high performance bike easily. You will probably drop your first bike, especially a 650 because its heavier and higher off the ground. Get a used 250 for like $2K, ride it for a few months, if you want to upgrade sell it for $2K and get a 650.

You might think it’s a hassle but its less of a hassle than going to the hospital or saving the money for a new bike. When you upgrade you will appreciate the 250 even more because you won’t **** up a 600 the minute you touch it. Why. because the 250 will teach you how to ride PROPERLY, lean properly and how to manuver in traffic.

Highways are also not issues, Im about the same size as you and im on the highways everyday in los angeles I can get 80-90 mph easy and keep up with traffic, go faster than traffic, whatever. I’ve never had any problems with trucks or anything like that. The small wheels can cause some discomfot but again, this is not your last bike, its your first.

Learn properly, don’t be a squid with center tires bald because you didn’t learn how to counter-steer.

Cost is easy – the 250 will be cheaper EASILY. It gets the best mpg, im getting over 60+ mpg. Insurance is reasonable for a new 17 year old rider (me) and it looks really good.

Maintence is simple and most of it you can DIY. I get compliments everywhere I go and im still the only mothherfucker at my high school who got a bike haha. Good luck. Get some gear and have fun.

Kawasaki Ninja 650R
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