KTM 950 Super Enduro R

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William Spaconi: k ne pensi?п»ї

canktm: another useless comment bye a person who now’s nothing about dirt bikes..calling sala a picklehead..he’s a world enduro champ moron. put your guitar down..and towel off from your cute stretching.

canktm08: @badddave if you’d have read my original comment i posted 7 months ago i was sticking up for the pro riders like Sala..and commenting on the stupid reply the other guy made

Bob Barker: lmoa..wtf? you caint compare a 650r to the ktm950r. two totally different bikes

33vortex: This bike is one of the most difficult to ride (technically) and almost impossible to master. Hats off to anyone who find themself at home on one of these.

bubblegum0912: @canktm nah keep the guitar, put the towel down and go for a ride on a trail while playing the guitar