KTM 125 Race Concept

What do you think about this video?

Chris Theed: Such a great presenter ahaha 

Ishak Matallah: Iam 1.60 14years old ( but good rider ) do you think that i can ride it ?

Orangy Monster: Mark Andar: it is a very good bike, am so happy I had it. The video may amplify the sound of it, it’s not completely quiet bike but is very easily liveable with. Performance exhausts (Akrapovic) do make it sound sweet though!

Mark Andar: It’s good that you’ve got a practical, stylish bike. But how do you get about with it being so loud?

Prototype7Vx: How tall are you? and how small of a person do you think would be able to ride it?

Neil Mcgregor: Someones been watching MCN to much. and they haven’t got a freaking clue. either

UniversalGamingUK: You actually get a years free insurance for 2 riders on the KTM duke 125 now.

Orangy Monster: 1.6m should be fine for this bike. Best thing to do would be to go to your local dealer and give it a try.

Dominic Scullion: Your voice is making me feel a bit twitchy. contemplating suicide

Hellberg3: Speed isnt everything.

Hamish Petty: Stop trying to seem professional it makes the vid crap be yourself