Maico 500 Enduro

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tobyeo: @daleyracingteam Dirt Wurx will be importing them next year. Canada also has an impoter.

DugganFMX: such a trick bike so nice.

Dillon Chisham: The bike is just a bunch of parts from other manufacture. um hello tank if from a honda, front and rear and number plates are yamaha hello

impressable: ofcourse they do, but strictly to order

Heinz von B eins: Germany I think.

pimpinpenz: 2011. omg i thought maico didnt sell bikes any more!

Mike Noll: Toby, thanks for the update on the 2011’s. Looks like they are pumping some serious technology into the bikes. Need more info on the the F1 inspired engine option drool (4:29).

Great job and thanks again.

yamaha04rider: that bike has honda crf rad shrouds, yamaha yz250f front fender and numberplate, and 2000 yz125 numberplates and rear fender. wtf

mikedakillaengineer: @demibrigade Yes they are ,been trying to buy one for years and they give you a bunch of bullcrap I don’t even think they made but one or two bikes Another loser ass british company like DMC

RJKkrzy33: @PedritoCRE250 CR500!

572mxer: nice slideshow

InfamousStax: So when are you going to mortgage your home and buy one of these things Tobyeo? Heh!

tobyeo: @vtjumpr they are the last to make an open class mx bike for sure. Yamaha, TM Racing, Gas Gas, KTM, and maybe Suzuki (but don’t think they import them) make 250s at least. Honda for sure does not make any 2 strokes anymore.

MarkO Polo: maybe in 2013? and will they be a contender or a novelty?

daleyracingteam: to bad theres no dealers over here in the US

InfamousStax: @tobyeo I wouldn’t let go of any of your rare old maicos for a newer more common maico.

Kevin Kain: Wanker! cant even ride. Stick to Pub Stool Jockeying, its what Britt’s do best..

tobyeo: @InfamousStax Hopefully, Maico will be back!

tobyeo: Yes, look for announcements coming soon, visit their website.

canammx1: I would like to see them become a little bit more main stream.

Mi No: Really sexy bikes, but do anyone really own one of these?